Published: May 31st 2015
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Yarmouth – Hartlepool – 175nm

Had a very early start – just getting light when we departed, down the long channel to the entrance of Yarmouth. Lucky it was a long way as I had to stow all the fenders, tyres and planks of wood to the side as we were going along. Just got it finished as we got out. Stunning scene with the sun rising behind a large wind farm. There are so many of them out here in the ocean, and actually they look quite pretty, I guess they’re generating so much power, but can’t imagine that they would EVER be put in..say between T.ville and Maggie Island!!! Good overnighter, lots of motoring unfortunately, but at least we’re heading north. I had a very busy watch as we went past a busy port with ships coming and going all the time. Once I could see a ship coming behind us on AIS, but couldn’t see his lights with the background of the town behind him. Only when he was almost on us, did I see it’s huge shadow. I knew it was going to pass behind us though thanks to AIS, but really couldn’t find him in the dark. He ended up passing 0.4nm behind. Apparently…plenty of room, but I would prefer a bit more space!!

Hartlepool is actually a very nice marina with excellent, friendly staff. There are heaps of restaurants and bars around. One night we went to a Caribbean restaurant – stunning food. Best in ages. Then also had Indian. This time we tried dishes we hadn’t had before. It was only about 200m from boat so we ordered take away and at back on boat. Loved that!! There is a free museum and it’s quite impressive. They also have a tall ship, but that was closing soon and they wanted to charge full price for us to go see. Needless to say, we didn’t go in!!

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