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March 18th 2007
Published: March 18th 2007
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18th - 20th March TEAM ONE was in Buxton on our practice expedition.
With hurricane like winds and torrential rain, it was a barrel of laughs putting up tents and such like but we learnt pretty quickly. On Friday we learnt how to use the gas cookers, and we walked for about 2 minutes to our campsite. Half of us put up tents and the other half cooked. For dinner we had gloopy spagetti (which is good, because I prefer it that way) and cheese and ham and tomato puree and curry sauce and salt and butter. Most people chose a couple of things but I just mixed it all together 😊. I was carrying the salt, which was a very bad idea because it exploded all over my bag :S For pudding we had much chocolate and played frisbee and went to bed perhaps the earliest I've ever gone to bed on a Friday night at 9 O'clock.
Next morning we had baked beans and biscuits (not together) and Dora shared with us the delights of jam on biscuits. We walked for MILES AND MILES and practised what happens when people go missing. But we did not notice when they vanished...so we set up a number system (I am number 7) and a buddy system, but later in the day I lost Libby despite her having bright blue waterproof trousers on (sorry Libs!). We were all wearing MANY layers as it was very cold (I was wearing 5 fleeces or something) and my hat was laughed at A LOT but a least my ears were warm 😊 ALSO we did a practise river crossing, which took for ever and then we ate lunch and jam on biscuits. We were, at this point, introduced to the 'shit shovel' about which I shall go in no more detail haha.
Night times we awful as I blatantly got the worst tent and it was cold, the ground was hard and the wind nearly blew us off, but it was alright. Oh and we were on a hill and I kept rolling onto Helen who nearly pushed Pip out of the tent.
When we returned to the centre we had showers (after a weekend of no deodorant!!!) which was nice.
So yes, the walking was hard and so was the ground, but it was fun 😊


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