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May 15th 2009
Published: May 18th 2009
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I got up at normal time today. Only this time i had to worry about packing up all my crap!! I did all my laundry the night before in the sink to dry so i was pretty much ready to go! Packed up all my stuff and Simon had to take me for some more Black pudding at the Shamrock so i would be ready for my journey to the Lake District. I called the hostel at Ambleside and made a reso for the night so i knew i had a place to rest my head. They said it was one of the last spots so I was lucky!!! So off we went for some grease. I only got the med but that was good enough!! ohhhhhh man it was good...i was gonna miss this for sure. No tits in the paper tho on page 3 of the sun which was dissapointing.
After we came home i grabbed my bag had a couple quick pics and simon drove me to a closer train station so he could check out some more houses for sale. Nice goodbye and then i was on the train to liverpool. I wanted to check out the art gallery and the Picton reading room which i had been recommended. I decided to get the connector bus for once which would take me directly to st georges. I wanted to get off so i pushed the button and started to make my way, but the community support officer kindly told me the bus doesnt make stops!! Only one so just wait hahaha i was a bit embarrased but it worked out. I checked out the Picton room which was cool all circular but not that great!! Then i toured the art gallery for like an hour thankfully they let me check my heavy ass bag. Nice gallery lotsa different types of art which i enjoyed.
Then i was off to Lime Street headed for Windemere Lake District. The train was really long. I was very greatfull to be inside and warm cause it was raining for sure!! I got to Windemere and met a girl who looked like a total hiker from Ontario. She was offended when i didnt know where in Ontario but thats ok. We were up top of the double decker and it was really wet but cool at the same time cause u could stand outside and take great pics while still trying to hold on! I got to the stop the driver told me and it turned out to be the wrong one....there really is two hostels in Ambleside i walked on to find this other one. Took me awhile longer but i found it eventually in this back alley in the middle of nowhere. Funny they never had any signs or anything, if it wasnt for the net i dont think anyone would know about it. This old dude on a mtn bike hammered his breaks and said HEY you know where the youth hostel is and i was kinda outta breathe from walking up the hill, i looked at him and said give me a break ha!!! Then i pointed down the hill to the one i just came from.
Got inside and met a guy sitting on the computer who turned out to be my new bud Ohad. We started chatting after he realized i was in the same room as him. We decided to get some food for dinner after I had a cup of tea. He loved Football thats all he wanted to talk about. Major Liverpool supporter from Isreal who would of thought eh!!
After tea we trotted down through town towards the store and got whatever we needed for the night. I decided on some chicken eggs bread pasta and some really nice brie cheese. Not bad prices for England actually only 10 pounds. So we walked back and started making dinner. It was great everyone else was cooking different things very surreal kind of experience very worldly.
I made some curried chicken over pasta and had brie and bread to start and Ohad made a great veggie dish so we shared dishes.
We finished dinner just before 10 and then headed out for a night on the town. Funny thing was this town is full of nothing but Old ppl i could tell from the "Youth" being full of 60 year old pluses. The old fellow from the hostel said he was going down to this folk show so we thought we would check it out. Stopped in and there was nothin!!! We were stumped but these 4 girls grabbed us and took us up this hill to the Student Union Bld. WOW that was a stroke of luck the only young ppl in town. They all had to sign us in because otherwise they wouldnt let us in. Even subsidized drinks this was great. We had a few games of pool and more drinks. They sure like their shitty pop music i even heard Avril Lavigne haha. After that they dragged us to their building and made us some toast while they got our contacts for Facebook!!! They had ohad going on about this game and how much he was gonna have to pay to see Liverpool play. Then we ventured back to our hostel and tried to not disturb the other buddy in the room being all was quite funny!!!
Finally got everything sorted and in my handy little sleep sheet and passed the hell out.

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