Converting the Duke - Phase 4: Lining the floor

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April 26th 2008
Published: January 28th 2009
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Laying the Lino Floor...

This wasn't a particularly rewarding task, particularly since it was so difficult to trim the lino accurately, and also as I'd already got a nicely fitting carpet. However, the reason for changing it to lino was because I thought it'd be a little stronger wearing with people jumping in and out of the van when the seats are in.

The magic marking pencil - a block of wood with a pointy end and a hole for a pencil - allowed us to match the shape of the side of the van to the lino floor. Not particularly accurate but sufficient enough to get a reasonable fit that could be trimmed to match exactly. You can buy the real deal at B&Q but since this wasn't a big job I didn't bother.

New Door Panel...

Replacing the back panel in the rear door was a much more rewarding task. The old panel was full of holes but was in good enough order to use as a template for the new one. A nice job for the jig saw and I think the panel looks pretty good. A top tip - when cutting across the grain of the ply, I scored the line of cut with a stanley knife prior to using the jig saw - this stopped the edges from fraying. Am I boring you now.

A stash of 30mm (2.5m in diameter) self-tapping screws together with screw caps topped the job off - just making sure to pre-drill in a solid bit of the door, as there are many spots with big holes in for some reason.

And then her head fell off.

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20 odd self-tapping screws and screw caps20 odd self-tapping screws and screw caps
20 odd self-tapping screws and screw caps

10 screw caps for £1.99 in B&Q or 50 screw caps for £1.59 in Homebase - so I refunded my £12 from B&Q and bought the Homebase caps. Identical.

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