How heavy is a pair of socks?

Published: January 3rd 2018
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With a 10 days to go, it seems our preoccupations are (in no particular order):

• making sure we leave our work in some semblance of order
• only selecting things to take that are either essential (shampoo, summer skirt and sandals) or light (tent, airbeds, sleeping bags etc etc)
• working out how cold it will be, in January, at night, in our tent in Torres del Paine. Answers offered range from very to not very.

Turns out the cosy Vango"Banshee" is designed for two lying top to tail. Jan's gone banshee at the thought of sleeping with my feet Our sleeping mats are Big Agnes brand. When I describe lying on top of Big Agnes, please remember I am not referring to my beloved wife.

you might be wondering about the relevance of the photo; as we are embarking on an adventure holiday, Jan thought it prudent to address all conceivable risks so she will wear this lifejacket until we get home. She will also be sporting a heavy duty crash helmet whilst camping, to reduce the risk of concussion in the Vango Banshee.

Pete has had all his childhood dreams realised as he orders all sorts of lightweight camping kit that were beyond the childhood budget. Nevertheless I am still able to cause Jan some budgetary angst at my uncharacteristic spending spree. I maintain you can't spend too much on camping as it saves so many hotel bills (another one of Jans concerns).

See you on the other side of the pond.


9th January 2018

Have a great time!
Looking forward to hearing more. NB how heavy is a pair of socks then?
9th January 2018

Are you taking musical instruments? Must be some music written for a clarinet trombone duo? You could strike up lively tune and endear yourselves to the natives.
13th January 2018

Good luck
Have a fantastic adventure you two and stay safe ⛺️
13th January 2018

I cannot WAIT...
...for a picture of the 2 of you in Vango Banshee (sounds like the name of a world-weary, seen-it-all-before but brilliant DI) with Big Agnes (obviously his boss) (or dog). Assume you are there by now? And either deep into the lingo (complete with old Philadephia pot full of phrases, so sad you couldn't afford to buy a new tin), or living a very silent life. Cuidado con los insectos voladores! Px
15th January 2018

Eagerly awaiting the next instalment
So how's it going then? xx

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