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November 22nd 2009
Published: November 22nd 2009
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If you can keep your head....If you can keep your head....If you can keep your head....

when all about you are losing theirs

To Change Or Not To Change This Was The Question?

I had to make the most serious decision of my life, did I desire change, to have a complete break from my tired repetitive life cycles, to abide by newer clearer freer ways of being, to rid myself of old boring pain which had developed a convincing lovable personality of its own. Did I wish to be victor or victim within my rapidly changeable world? I know I needed to remember to slow breathe, to calm my chattering mind, to really feel, relax and enjoy the rest of my precious life and the special people in it. When destiny stood firmly in front of my stubbornness, unavoidable changes came into full force. I thought back and realised that I actually had little choice in this matter, fate blocked my view, at that point I was ridged with fear full of all the what if's? I really did not want to lose all those things I had worked so hard for, nor did I wish to change the current version of Claire Hall, whom I thought had done very well for herself, I didn’t expect a full on valet service.

Fight or flight kicked in, I jumped clean off the property ladder by selling up and not reinvesting, I sold the car, gave away Elvis my kitten, I gave charitable donations of stuff to the homeless, I gave sort after items to grateful friends, e-bayed the all the rest, all those things and must have items that were once 'must have items', so desired, so precious too me, turned out to be worth nothing at all at resale, I could not even give it away. I did allowed myself a few special items that were carefully packed away into a loft as at the time I could not envisage my life was worth living without these sentimentalism’s. Upon my return most of it had disappeared, those things were naturally taken from me; I was left with a clean slate. I resigned from my respectable job and pay cheques. I left to take a wonder around this Earth, owning nothing, with no clues of future direction, itineraries or plans. I had one keen boyfriend, a backpack, a small laptop, an empty blog account with an enterprising new online identity, I remember it took me five months to pluck up the courage to write my first on line for the world to see word, then I couldn't stop writing, has thesoulcultivator become the next incarnation of me? No.

All this was considered by 21st Century material man as terrifying, crazy, mindless, foolish behaviour. Others called me a bit stupid or very god damn brave, I had just turned 40 and everyone around me had turned into day time agony aunts, stating I should really start thinking about settling down as my biological time was ticking, soon adoption would be my only hope. I should own stuff like bricks and land, I should have a job I am not happy with, because that's what everyone has. How could these people not see that by leaving all these should's behind, just for a while, by taking a leap of faith into the unknown, stepping clean away from all comfort zones, could in fact benefit my future states of being, by helping myself in being much clearer and more focused in understanding who I really am, enabling myself to lay fresh new foundations in which to build a secure and happier future for myself and who ever I wish to settle with.

If I followed my gut instincts now, I could be happy and rich in mind, body, spirit and Godly abundance, excelling myself beyond my wildest dreams. As I finally realised my fate I said 'F**K it' to the world, the same one I had just gotten by in, by walking this earth to start the dance of time that beats my own truth. I believe there is so much more to my life than living lost within this herded state, I simply cannot function by bleating what everyone else bleats within a tedious conventional existences.

Some sofa critics, those ones who have never set foot outside their own minds, tutted at the thought of it all, passing comment that this my dear Claire was in fact a massive MIDLIFE CRISIS. Yet, I thought of it as a kismet conception. All those bazaar and at times terrible life challenging incidents I had experienced, especially those leading up to my 40th year, I now believe were cleverly orchestrated as part of my life plan. I experienced big reminders of childhood when as a small warrior child trapped in modern day chaos I was given images/insights of the direction where I should be heading, I somehow managed through it all to stick to that plan.

However 2006 crept up on me like crow’s feet and muffin top waist lines do, something deep down screamed I had lost my way and enough was enough, challenging events became my soul's barometer, burning intuition became my flaming torch. This Claire Hall who was post birth pure in thought and rich in feisty spirit, a promising and perfect chunk of child had big hoops to jump through. Part of my non-negotiable contract was to grow up within a fiercely negative, fear ridden, unimaginative family, where credence was somehow lost in translation. Through them I learnt the art of independence. I managed to stay with my biological family until I was just old enough to fit into a training bra, then I sprinted as fast as I could the other way.

Many people asked me why I was doing this now as they thought I had finished all this travelling malarkey. Many friends shared their fears of all the things that could go wrong. Was I running away? I received mixed messages as I was now at that fragile time in life, between young and old, failure or success, misery or happiness. Genuine open hearted well wishers flung their arms open, squeezing me into their approval. I was ear bashed by close minded fretters with their full on mutterings of worried concern, followed by hesitant second minded statements of, Oh why the hell not? If only we didn’t have: wife, hubby, kids, aged parents, a crippling mortgage, massive debts, anxiety, fear, unexplainable body pain & other fear based health issue, a list of unfamiliar medication, a lacking free thinking brain, free will, personal freedom', which must have the word FREE in there for some good reason. Many a frustrated mantra roared, oh god blimey Claire, if we only had the guts to do what you are doing.

Why is there an age limit to starting again, in finding ones true path to happiness, isn't this why we are born, we have many lessons to learn as life is our school? If some folk were excuses list free, within the click of a mouse they would do exactly the same. I wasn’t running away from anything, I was reclaiming true myself. A need had arisen to tune in and to start listening with my eyes and talk with my heart, this for me is long overdue.

I can honestly say that since returning home after nearly two years of travelling 14 countries, where I took advice from many teachers, special healers, gifted gurus, medicine men, monks and shamans, they told me nothing I didn’t already know within my own pumping heart. The Buddhists said to always project positive thoughts, deeds and kind words within my conscious mind, to do right firstly by myself, if I cannot be good and loving to myself, how can I be good and loving and really mean it to others. Fellow gutsy mid-life travellers that also gave up worldly possessions to seek a better way of life which is fast becoming its own religion, they all helped fuel my drive and gave great wise words and advise, some I took some I left at the bar. All those wonderful indigenous people taught me to live each day as if it is my last, as for many of them it could be their last. I learnt to be wholly grateful for everything I experience and receive, to believe in myself, intuition and my choices, to cherish friends and community, as I have no family. The Chinese taught me to never worry, as my ear of abundance will hear what I need to do next and my prosperity palace nose is good for sniffing out much good fortune. My patient PADI dive masters in Malaysia helped me over come my biggest fear by teaching me to breathe in to then breathe out through that fear, all of these wisdoms I apply myself to do today. We could have gone on travelling more countries I knew it was time to return back to England as I felt physically exhausted and had reached a point of extreme cultural saturation. With stooped shoulders I responded to tour suggestions with seen it, done it, not another temple or garden, monkeys, ancient building monument sacred site, trek up a mountain, more monkeys, trip on a longboat, walk through a cave or tubing downstream. I was fed up, I needed no more journeying I needed stabilising.

2009 -This first year back in England could have been very depressing, even suicidal. It was freezing cold and the newsstands were cluttered with grim headlines it was either Black Monday, Weak Wednesday or Fatal Friday, the country suffered the worst financial crises since the great depression had hit hard. We had a new word Credit Crunch which was not made by Kellogg’s, stock markets were in free fall. Confidence in Gordon Brown's government plummeted after exposure for claiming millions on second homes, duck ponds, moat cleaning services and cable porn. Bush was still in presidency and draining the entire world of all its energy and oil. The pointless billion-dollar war in Afghanistan rages on, young soldiers are coming home limbless or in decorative body bags, each name read out every night on the six o’clock news, why! Our planet Earth is now in serious threat of going BOOM all thanks to our thoughtless ignorance. The ice caps are melting faster than popsicles left in the sun, while London had the heaviest snow falls in history and was declared closed for a full 24 hours during February 2009, I had not seen snow this thick since I was a little girl, then followed record floods, my country is in melt down. Strikes, job losses, media scaremongering had us all believing we were going to die of swine flu pandemic plague thing. Plots of land in Blackheath were back in fashion. We are living in the Age of Stupid

There seems to be a negative mass consciousness belief system which is all about unworthiness, doom and gloom, strict rules and dogma that discourages original, independent thinking, this has kept everyone in a state of guilt, fear and inertia. This has been called the "Herd State," wherein everyone looked to their religious and ruling leaders to tell them what to do, think and be. A. A Michael The energy of this world is rapidly changing and we are blessed to be living within the unknown, it’s a new challenge. It is time for everyone to wake up before we go go, to find ourselves first, to look within, feel then deal with the pain then move on, get rid of all old stagnant repetitive fear cycles all handed down by gene and generation, we all need to get our Qi energy running, to come out of this with love in our hearts and for every community across this globe to hold hands not Blackberrys. It is time to change and these changes our solely our own responsibilities, it has to come from us individually.

I started back to work as a medic covering films and premiers, I met the Mr. Hollywood Will Smith and he told me I was doing a great job! I also was back on the road doing 999 work, in a rapid response car in a new area in a new county, which was scary enough. One of my first jobs was a 33 week premature baby born early and at home, this birth I attended alone, the ambulance crew were delayed, as I assisted the terrified delirious mother who was high on entonox and natural adrenaline, during the birth I wondered why I was back doing this kind of stuff again, I received my answer as my shaman master Jose from Guatemala Shaman School came to mind as he once told me that I am born unto the Mayan stars as the natural mid wife, the Mayan 7 Kowoq, this was written in my birth rights and was something I must for fill. With this new information in mind the job went well as I played the role of midwife somewhere between Maidenhead and Reading, but this time I felt thousands of years of soul experience keeping the scene running smoothly, which kept me going until the crew arrived, this one premature baby was sent to test my new faith, incredibly he was born seven weeks premature the very day I start back to work, however he was pink and breathing, in fact he was screaming, confirming he was most definitely alive with no apparent complications.

I settled back into normal life remarkably well. I believe this was due to my freshly de-cluttered mind, body and spirit. I didn’t feel culture shocked or depressed. I had learnt to accept each day as it came; to live very much in the now, to remember how lucky I am especially when I looked back at my portraits of those I had met in inspirational countries. Despite all the odds 2009 has been my most successful year ever. I finally feel that I have full hold of my destiny reigns, a true sense of saging while ageing feels right for my new decade of adventure, a greater love and wisdom. Suddenly on the other side of 40, stress free and much happier, I found myself living in the countryside in a chocolate box house with an upstairs, which I had never had before, could life get any better? All the material stuff I let go of in 2006 was returning back to me but, I created a new work environment that worked for me, mixing medical with media, I found the same car yet better and cheaper, my then kitten Elvis whom I gave a way to a dear friend was given back to me as a massive chunky cat, it was a little bazaar. Stu and I broke up, I am ever grateful to him for sharing this experience, but I needed to find this future husband, he was out there somewhere looking for me to.

I saw many fortune tellers along the way, most of them mentioned the same thing that the man of my dreams, someone in uniform, is coming to claim me and this man will be my future husband. The Charles Bronson tarot reader from Santa Maria Guatemala, Huacachina voodoo man in Peru, my own higher self visions while taking Ayahuasca showed me the image of this man, in Siem Reap Cambodian block tarot seer, from the Phnom Penh water monks blessings menu, where I asked for the abundance of wealth and the love of a great man, Datong China fortune teller, the Pingyao Chinese hand man saw him coming for me very clearly and Shanghai Chinese acupuncture lady said I was to have a child one day soon. This man in uniform did find me 21st August 2010 we started dating, I subconsciously knew who he was, and next year we are getting married. Mr. M you have become my world, this journey was so worth it as it brought me to you.

I had changed, my perceptions, views, creativity and confidence had returned but also my new understanding of me, myself and I, how I work, what makes me tick and what my life purpose is all about, it all finally makes sense. None of this would have happened if id stayed at home, stayed at my old job and had changed nothing at all.

I hope my story inspires.

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22nd November 2009

Something sustains us
It occurs to me often, that many are crushed by a mere fraction of the challenges and choices you so ably describe; that we must therefore be an active part of something far beyond our limited understandings. 'It' facinates me and draws me ever closer and one of my joys in it, is to know someone else who seeks true understanding as well. Beautiful! xxx
22nd November 2009

My Soul is Fully Ci
I finally got it into my head that everything that happens is not by accident or by chance that it is most certainly some kind of divine synchronicity which has already been mapped out for me eons ago. I must remember that I am fully protected by some greater force as I go forth. My soul is now fully cultivated.
22nd November 2009

My Soul is Fully Cultivated
Really nice to see a conclusion on your travels Clare, it has been quite a journey for you! Great to hear that you are fully cultivated. I think that what happens to us in life can often be a reflection of our headspace. When we reflect a positive energy, it can do wonderful things. Long may it last! I am back from my travels too and am looking forward to what the future holds.
22nd November 2009

Great as always!!!... and superb pics. Sorry to hear about you and Stu. Hope you are well!!!!!
22nd November 2009

Great writing as usual. Everything seems to turn out alright for you. You are a valuable person. I love your insights, your writing and....you.
22nd November 2009

Lifetimes of experience brought together in one bite sized chunk by an amazing master of sharing and uniting all at the same time. You are a well cultivated soul Claire - keep on inspiring !! From one of your many proteges. Much Love and Respect. T xxx
22nd November 2009

Good on you girl
We all live in the world we create around us. It is nice to see someone who says "no, this is not the reality I choose to live in". To change your perception, to lift your eyes from the gutter of everyday life, takes courage beyond most of us and demands the greatest of respect. So I say, with love and respect. "Good on you girl".
22nd November 2009

Glad to hear it is still all going well- sorry to hear about you and Stu though. Mike x
22nd November 2009

An inspiration as always
Hi Claire, Amazing words from an incredible person :-) xxx Jo
22nd November 2009

Hi, from Jim & Ann
A re-assesment of things past, A new begining, A rebirth with new ideals, A portability from heavy burdens, A re-cultivating of mind and spirit. So glad to see your name lite up my screen that you had written again. If you and Stu are still in contact, please tell him "HI" from Ann and I. We are well and coming into Winter here. Presently snowing with three new inches this morning. Best wishes this holliday season Claire, We wish you the best. Always, Jim and Ann Blanchard.... Underway jimb@nwi.net
23rd November 2009

There comes a time in each of our human experiences when we wake up and really see and hear everything for the very first time. It is suddenly all so beautiful. The birds singing…the sun shining…so beautiful... just like you. People come into our lives for all kinds of reasons. Some only for a moment as if to just check in and make sure all is well…others find each other again and again lifetime after lifetime…our circle of love…those who really “get” us…understanding on a deep-deep level that is not of this world but cosmic in nature. And that Claire Hall is you and me girlfriend…cosmic…divine…destined…soul sisters. I am so happy for you my bright shining light! Sending you much love and a BIG HUG. MAC oxoxo
23rd November 2009

Well written lovely :o) It's about taking part and giving x
23rd November 2009

Fantastic piece of inspirational writing Claire - I couldn't drag my self away til I'd finished - now I can get back to work invigorated by your positive vision and candor.Hope our paths cross again soon.Love Darryl xx
26th November 2009

Clare As always very well written and great to read, I still think you should write a book and share your lifes experiences. Sorry to hear about you and Stu. Glad life is good for you too. Much Love x x x x
28th November 2009

An Amazing Woman
You are a woman without parallel, you always have been, uniquely courageous, and, as you have grown older more adept at hearing your own voice. What an enviable quality to have, Claire. A wonderful read, as always, thank you. I love you very much.
29th November 2009

Claire, what a wonderful roundup of your last 2 years & aftermath of The Epic Journey. You so clearly have the makings of a book in all this and once again I encourage you to move forward in that direction, if/when it feels right to you. Love the pic of Boudica, the warrior goddess, in silhouette with her charging steed -- who just happens to look like Pegasus! :-) You are a way-shower and a braveheart. Much, much love to you, dear Claire!!!
29th November 2009

Hi Claire, It is good to read your blog, you are very organised to do all this, sorry to hear about you a Stu. Have thought about you but am rubbish at emailing. I think i still live in last century when it comes to technology, unlike you it seems. I would love you to come and visit if ever you get a day free please let me know and come and stop and we can really catch up. What is your new address? Nicola is on the move she is just buying a house for the first time, so is really excited! Love to you and hopefully we can get something on the calender to get to see each other. Lots of Love Jo and the gang xxx
1st December 2009

from the north
glad that I clicked on my mail, m'dear, and so had the opportunity to read this one ... such a pleasure, to have you in my life!
17th December 2009

Inspired. Thank you
Thank you for allowing us to go with you on your 2 year journey. I am a truly inspired 41 year old.
20th December 2009

Never Tear Us Apart...
Quoting another 80s classic... 'We all have wings, but some of us don't know why...'
26th December 2009

Great blog! It is hardly surprising that you have so many recommends. You are one of TravelBlogs best! :) The best blogs are ones about a travellers personal thoughts and feelings, in my opinion. Hope you are having a great Christmas!
5th January 2010

Blog of the year for the Europe/writing cathegory.
Check this out. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Forum/Threads/22180-1.html
5th January 2010

What a brilliant piece of writing!
13th January 2010

To Change Or Not To Change This Was The Question?
29th May 2012

Answered to perfection in this beautiful, inciteful blog...soul cultivator...or is it... soul searcher?

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