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May 29th 2013
Published: June 25th 2017
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Geo: 44.6, 33.53

Status report: Up chirpy and all set to a full day trip to the Battlefileds of The Crimean War (1854/6). Florence Nightingale - Charge of The Light Brigade etc etc.

Breakast: More pink eggs and smolked salmon with "Hunters Sausuages"

Weather: Sunny again (yawn). The wet weather in The Carpathians seems a world away... probably because it is....

Dimetri: We are getting on well despite his driving.... HE IS FAST and I mean KGB getaway driver speed and don't forget to take your own plasma FAST.. The roads around Yalta are 3 lane mountaineous and are frequented by a range of Ladas, Blingtastic Range Rover Evokes and farm trucks all overtaking at once at twice the speed limit. Demetri is the STIG or better still THE STIGSKI!!!! He also has a square square you could use it to accurately lay bricks with!! (see photo taken from back seat - under cover......).

Alena or guide: Cool........knowledgable and also works in "The Yalta Film Industry" during the low season. H'mmmmm I thought she looked familiar. Today we learn she has a daughter "SVETLANA" and we are to meet her tomorrow when we go to The Russian Submarine base. Yes I know how to treat a lady on holiday.........

Crimea War: There was me thinking it would all be about Florence Nightingale but in fact it was from the Russian viewpoint (it the enemy). OOOPS. I was crowing about the British Navy and "Thin Red Line" etc but had to shut up quickly. Saw the "Valley of Death" and Balaclava to name but a few. Very interesting....

Lunch: We were taken to a small Russian restaurant that was their version of The Winchester
Club. Small wooden basement affair with Borsche and fried fish and gerkins.

Dimetri: His name is NOT Dimetri but DITMAR! OOOPS......

Russian Navy; It's still here and looks active.........

Sevastapol - Much Crimea War stuff mention yet of anything Florence Nightigale...its all Russian Battle heros..

Hectic sightseeing program.

By the way Richard is still alive and recovering in our minibar fridge!!!!

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