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29th May 2017

No swarthy cop photos? I'm disappointed in you.
29th May 2017

Which leads me on to say that the firemen in Naples help out at the national theatre. Money well spent.
2nd January 2017

You poor poppet! I'm sure you'd have been stocked with a full medical kit/surgical unit, had it been worse. Or did that get left with the batteries for the coffee machine?
2nd January 2017

Kathy looks good humoured despite being stuck in concrete mud!
2nd January 2017

Well - having spent a little time in some 'posh hotels' (usually at the expense of my employer) this is towel art at its best. I did not think the Washington 'duck' could be beaten but 'hey' - this is special.
27th December 2016

It sounds amazing! I'm sure there is a sloth orphanage in Costa Rica xx
23rd December 2016

Aw get a load of those bugs! Not for the faint hearted! Looks like you're having a great time. Very jealous.
21st December 2016

A lovely read as ever. Looks idyllic, although that monkey look like it might have criminal intent - don't take your watch off!
20th December 2016

What fun! Looking forward to the next installment! Safe travels!
20th December 2016

Wow! Hellooooo little thing!
19th December 2016

Looks so lovely! It looks as if you should have little hummingbirds flitting around you x
18th December 2016

Misophonia! Punch him QUICK!
From Blog: The "F" Word!
1st August 2016

Was the SIR WAX painful?
27th July 2016

Where's the pic of the 'craggy blond women ...'?
25th July 2016

Did some people forget to actually go into the shed overnight - quite some clearing up to do...?
From Blog: Yurt Alert!
24th July 2016

a bit like a smaller version of 'Glen's Glory ..' but colder!
From Blog: Yurt Alert!
13th July 2016

Catchy beat - been toe tapping all day.
13th July 2016

That makes everything so clear. It was a knowledge gap. Thank you as ever.
31st January 2016

Another wonderful adventure. A pleasure to be with you. Thank you.Chris
29th January 2016

Fab photos and great yarns J. As always, wish I was there. Much love to both of you.
26th January 2016

It looks as if you're having such a hard time of it x
26th January 2016

Gulp. Does this end up on your fruit salad the next day?
25th January 2016

Sounds like an amazing trip. Keep the blog and fabulous photos coming guys. As always, wish I was there.
22nd January 2016

the trip looks fantastic guys!
22nd January 2016

What a beautiful country. Definitely on my list now xx

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