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September 24th 2010
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Took a bus to Lviv. Lviv is in the Western Ukraine. The city changed hands many times throughout history, from Rich Pospolita, to Austro-Hungary, to Poland, to USSR and finally to Ukraine. Thanks to this history, the city is simply magnificent. The old town is well organized and nicely restored. Lviv is the epicenter of Ukrainian culture and art. Everyone speaks Ukrainian, as opposed to Kiev where most people speak Russian. The old town is closed to traffic and is lined with bars, restaurants and cafes. In the evenings, the the town folks walk about town. There are a number of tourists here, mostly Polish, due to its proximity to Poland. The town is even cheaper than Kiev. The beer here is fantastic. A couple of bars around the town square even sell hot beer - which is like hot wine with spices - glunt wine in German. I kind of liked it - it goes nice when it's cold out.
There are a ton of museums. I am not a big fan - I prefer to stroll the streets instead. I ended up visiting Museum of Religion, housed in a cathedral, and Armaments Museum, which is housed in a medieval armory and goes through the history of arms from middle ages to modern times.
Lviv is unique place and was well worth a visit.
Unfortunately, that's the end of my Ukraine adventure for now. I will be in Odessa after Istanbul, but that's to visit relatives.
Next stop - Istanbul.

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