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December 13th 2014
Published: December 13th 2014
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Trip to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

About 2 hours drive each way

We had a great tour of Chernobyl with Igor of SoloEast Travel.

We met him at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv at 8:30 am

Our group consisted of Kevin and me

and fellow tourist Pedro, a Brazilian/Italian student.

We drove about 2 hours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

We passed 2 check points

the 30 kilometer Exclusion Zone and

the 10 kilometer Exclusion Zone

We had permission for both

Igor had come to the exclusion zone the day before

and filed all of our paperwork

so we were the first tour group in.

On the way, new missile silos were visible

as Ukraine reinforces its northern border -

rumors of the possibility of Russian forces

entering from the north (Russia-friendly Belarus)

Igor showed us reactor 4

and the new safe confinement structure

currently under construction.

It is the largest movable structure in the world.

Because of the radiation that still escapes

the confinement structure is being constructed

a short way from reactor 4 and

will slide over the reactor when completed.

(The radiation detector showed

that much radiation was still escaping,

but at safe levels for short term exposure)

7,000 people still work in the 30 km Exclusion Zone

-security, construction, and monitoring

We then went on to the eerie ghost town of Pripyat.

It was an early winter day and everything was so quiet.

A new dusting of snow covered everything.

It was oddly peaceful.

We walked through many parts of the city.

We were the only people at the carnival grounds.

The iconic Ferris wheel and bumper cars - silent

Igor says in summer this area looks like a fair

with a few hundred tourists milling around.

We walked through three schools

The library was the saddest place

drifts of books scattered on the floor

several feet deep in places

I noticed an English-language book

“The ABC Fun” published in Moscow 1981

words that begin with the letters of the alphabet

R - red is for apple, rose.

Gas masks in schools.

Students trained to use
Soviet PropagandaSoviet PropagandaSoviet Propaganda

Only you can...

instilled fear of the United States

Similar to our (U.S.) fear mongering

- students instructed to climb under desks

in case of Soviet attack.

The Soviet protection and fear

were probably more effective.

At the end of the tour we passed through

two contamination detectors

10 km and 30 km zone boundaries

No radiation detected so gate opens

letting us out.

Igor safely deposits us at the airport

where we meet our teacher group with our luggage.

Additional photos below
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Children's Gas MasksChildren's Gas Masks
Children's Gas Masks

Children's gas masks litter the floor of a school.
The LibraryThe Library
The Library

A drift of books.
Kevin and the Ferris WheelKevin and the Ferris Wheel
Kevin and the Ferris Wheel

Quite and strangely peaceful
Towns memorialTowns memorial
Towns memorial

A cross for every community that was evacuated.
Radiation CheckRadiation Check
Radiation Check

All clear!

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