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Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Chernobyl September 27th 2007

Bright eyed and bushy tailed we weren't this morning. We went to bed slightly later than we intended so getting Rob out of bed was a bit of a chore. We were picked up outside St Petersburg hotel at nine. An American man called Irwin came along which wasn't terrible because it did make the price cheaper. The drive to Chernobyl was pretty bad. It took almost an hour to get out of Kiev and our guide drove like a true Ukranian. Forget being ill from radiation, I was surprised we made it there in one piece and without a single scratch on the car. First impression of Chernobyl was that we could have been entering a national park because it was so green and tranquil. The checkpoint for entering the 30km zone was rather easy, ... read more
30km Checkpoint
Radioactive Kitten
Normal Levels Inside The Town Of Chernobyl

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Chernobyl April 27th 2007

Stalker mission Europe » Ukraine » chernobyl By BurikApril 27th 2007Sergio BuravovToday I've been in the most incridible place of Ukraine, it is Chernobyl radiation zone. Idea to travel here appeared a year ago after reading some article in Internet. It seem dangerous but at the same time exteme and adventerous. So with two my friends Bolik and Oleg we booked excursion at and left Moscow for Kiev. Now I don't have time to describe all trip only list some photoes. But it was really cool and extreme. More photoes can be found here Chernobyl photo album ... read more
Radiation Zone
Ghost village

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