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October 22nd 2009
Published: November 1st 2009
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Hello all, now to the best part of our trip so far... Our friend Ingo, from Freiburg, told us about this agricultural cooperative in the remote Ticino region of Switzerland. We had previously written to them while in Sarnen, and we super excited when we received the positive mail from Ulrico, one of the founders, a couple of days later . Our journey there was long but satisfying as we left... Read Full Entry

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Photo 21Photo 21
Photo 21

Dusk scene
Photo 24Photo 24
Photo 24

Front door View
Photo 24Photo 24
Photo 24

Photo 25Photo 25
Photo 25

Photo 26Photo 26
Photo 26

Stairs to bed
Photo 26Photo 26
Photo 26

Fire Guy
Photo 25Photo 25
Photo 25

Beautiful spot
Photo 27Photo 27
Photo 27

Alp View
Photo 28Photo 28
Photo 28

Photo 29Photo 29
Photo 29

Hidden stone houses
Photo 30Photo 30
Photo 30

Photo 31Photo 31
Photo 31

Photo 32Photo 32
Photo 32

Em and some more vacant cottages
Photo 33Photo 33
Photo 33

So happy!

1st November 2009

2 pages
Ciao All, Make sure to check out the second page for the rest of the pictures! Aloha Emily and James
1st November 2009

Good One
Nice One! I went fishing with Mick and co. in Hana yesterday. Got about 20 Minpachis. We spent the night sleeping on a rocky cliff in the rain:) Glad you are having fun. Luck. Mike and Sandpaper
2nd November 2009

Hello Em and James!
Ingo and I just came back from a short trip to Malaga in Spain. Fine to hear that you had a good time in Pianta Monda with Ulrico and Sanna (is she still knitting those funny carpets with that meter long knitting needles?). Those little stone-"Hobbit"-houses are amazing, right? Did you find the time to vitis the so called "Spluis", too? Best wishes and hugs Charis and Ingo
3rd November 2009

Your blogs
Thanks for keeping us up on your interesting trip! Grandpa is very jealous of your adventures and the scenery, and Betty is jealous of the scenery but NOT without running water! ;)
3rd November 2009

Hobbit Heaven
Looks like Hobbit Heaven! Very interesting and sounds like quite a bit of hard work too. Megan is here too and we wish you well in your travels to Milan...we will await the next blog update!
13th April 2010

pianta monda
hi there my name is oliver and i am the new responsible member for newsletters and homepage for the cooperativa. i came across your blog about pianta monda and was impressed about your story and of course the pics! i would like to ask you if you could send me some of your photos of pianta monda for the coming issues of the newsletter. of course, you will be named as the owner of the pics. please contact me for further information: thank you so much. i am looking forward to hearing from you. kind regards oliver

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