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July 11th 2017
Published: July 14th 2017
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Gruyere CastleGruyere CastleGruyere Castle

View from our B & B
Time to say good-bye to Geneva and Ferney-Voltaire. Took a bus into Geneva one last time and picked up our vehicle - a Fiat Pico. Nice car with enough room, AC and a built in GPS!!! (thank goodness). We returned to the Ferney flat to load our luggage and be on our way. We are bound for Gruyere (home of the famous cheese). We had a great drive of 1.5 hours which brought us into some gorgeous mountains and scenery. We arrived into Gruyere at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon and found the wonderful Farm Bourgo (en Francais - Ferme Bourgo). It is a very rustic looking place on the outside but inside is quite modern and comfortable. We met our hostess Eliane who is a wonderful person and she got us settled into our comfy room where we will spend the next couple of days while we explore the Gruyere area.

This country has the most breathtaking scenery ever. I was pinching myself constantly to confirm it was real because it just boggled the mind that this was actually and truly the sight before my eyes. I think AWESTRUCK is the word I am looking for. You certainly feel

Our execeptional view
very small when looking into the height of the peaks. Mountains like I have never seen, with wispy clouds touching their peaks, fresh green trees and meadows, and our lovely B and B was nicely situated right in the midst of it all! We were looking up towards Chateau Gruyere a beautiful castle in the midst of it all. Wow. This is a piece of heaven, I am sure. How lucky are we to be here in this amazing place. Grateful beyond words.😊

Our hostess Eliane served us breakfast in her beautiful garden each morning. We sat in a group with the other guests from France, Italy and Germany, nibbling on fresh bread, homemade jams, yogurt, coffee and tea (served in a bowl?!) and of course a generous healthy wedge of Gruyere cheese. le petit dejuner!

Our trip up to visit the Village of Grueyre was so interesting and informative. We visited the shops in the village square and then made our way to the Chalet Gruyere for a Swiss lunch of village soup, quiche and salad in an old wooden Alpen house. Waitresses dressed in typical Swiss dresses. A bowl of raspberries with the famous Gruyere double
Farm Bourgos - GruyeresFarm Bourgos - GruyeresFarm Bourgos - Gruyeres

Our sweet and cozy room
cream completed the meal 😋

Next, we made our way to the Chateau Gruyere castle. 🏰. We went on the self guided tour which was so intersting and informative. Beautiful tapestries, artwork, and ancient artifacts many over 800-900 years old and also lovely manicured gardens. Wonderful.

We were also able to log a couple of caches in Gruyere to add to our geocache collection. This gave us a virtual souvenir for Switzerland.

All is good, tomorrow we head for Baretswill which will be a beautiful (and white knuckle) drive through the Alps. We will pass through the scenic lakes and city of Interlaken and city of Lucerne on our way. stay tuned....

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Farm Bourgo - GruyereFarm Bourgo - Gruyere
Farm Bourgo - Gruyere

Happy camper in her pretty room.
Farm Burgos - our lovely B & BFarm Burgos - our lovely B & B
Farm Burgos - our lovely B & B

Breakfast in the garden
Gruyere villageGruyere village
Gruyere village

Shops along the main street
View from Gruyere CastleView from Gruyere Castle
View from Gruyere Castle

Breathtaking mountains
Gruyere panaoramaGruyere panaorama
Gruyere panaorama

From the Castle
Sculpture in Gruyere gallerySculpture in Gruyere gallery
Sculpture in Gruyere gallery

From the "Alien" Exhibit
Sculpture in Gruyere gallerySculpture in Gruyere gallery
Sculpture in Gruyere gallery

From "Alien" exhibit - got Wayne's attention!
Gruyere CastleGruyere Castle
Gruyere Castle

View from the top of glorious mountains
Gruyere CastleGruyere Castle
Gruyere Castle

Amazing stone floors
Gruyere CastleGruyere Castle
Gruyere Castle

Postcard perfect!
Gruyere Castle Gruyere Castle
Gruyere Castle

In the soldiers room
Gruyere CastleGruyere Castle
Gruyere Castle

Looking into the cooking fire 🔥 place

14th July 2017

Food, glorious food.
Gruyere. My siblings would pronounce it as a replacement for swear words. I can see from your blog that you will both be a lot fatter when your return to Canada! Good to see you having such a great time. Thanks for inviting us along. And good wishes to your hostess from Canada. Have fun!
18th July 2017

Thanks Margie always good to see someone is following us !
Thanks Margie keep them coming , good story re gruyere just getting into Bed after a full day flying from Zurich to Barcelona and along the coast by bus to our Mediterainian ( spelled wrong ) to tired to correct , had a great evening of tours and beaches and drinks and dinner ......

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