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August 10th 2009
Published: August 10th 2009
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So it was my first day on the job today as an Au-Pair. Everything was going very smoothly all morning, with no problems. I made breakfast, got the kids up with the help of their Mom and after learning the security code went back to my apartment. Waiting patiently until Sean came home for lunch. And then I tried to unlock the door and turn off the alarm... I thought I had done it correctly after it stopped making noises, so I sat down to read my book. That's when the cops showed up, two of them to be exact. It isn't like they could just stroll in, they actually had to climb over the fence and start walking around the house with flashlights in hand. Must say I was rather surprised to see them and I believe they were expecting some prowler to be going through the house. Instead they see this American girl wearing an over-sized sweatshirt lounging on the sofa.Yeah real scary. So after telling them that yes I have permission to be here, no I don't know what happened, yes I can give you my passport, oh you need the owners numbers, great no problem. It didn't go quite as smoothly because half way through Sean came home for lunch and since I was standing in the doorway trying to convince them that I live there, Sean the seven year old told them that he knew me and only just moved here. Then they proceeded to ask me about my length of stay and to see my visa. It was all very annoying. When they finally did leave, another set of men came to the door this time from the security system. Checking to make sure that everything was alright and that the police came by as well. Again I had to give them my passport and tell them I wasn't trying to kidnap Sean or steal from the house. This process was made all the more difficult because, HAHA, I don't speak German.

Then phone calls to the Mom were next letting her know what happened. She then told me that both she and her husband had received several phone calls each regarding this missed alarm code. Also to inform me about the cost involved (300-400 chf), which thankfully I don't have to pay because it was an accident. How was I to know that if you don't punch in the numbers slow enough or don't open the door quickly, that this rather embarrassing chain of events would happen. The lock on their front door is the most confusing thing I have ever have to open, you don't just turn it once, no no but three times. I should have recalled this from Italy, because whenever the lock is laser cut it seems that you have to turn it more.

So now I will always remember having the cops show up on my first day of work. Cool.


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