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June 7th 2008
Published: June 7th 2008
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The sun is bright!The sun is bright!The sun is bright!

Smiling into the sun....
What's a blog entry without a reference to Gilligan's Island!? Today we lived the dream, folks! The eight stranded castaways (well, we weren't really castaways...more like....floating on a boat-aways) were rescued by the Swedish version of the Coast Guard. These seafaring saviors hooked us up to their tug and towed us safely back to port. It was for sure a memorable experience! Many thanks to Skippers Hans X and Hans XI for a beautfiul venture into the Baltic and a scenic tour of the Bronze Age ruins. We also found a moment for team building in the dry, dry grass and somehow managed to build a pyramid even the Egyptians would admire!
After the Ship Trip and Viking Hiking, we went on an audio guided excursion through Eriksberg, a fenced wildlife safari for your Volvo and its passengers! We kept all arms, legs, and heads inside the vehicle at all times...ya never know with those wild boars!

We arrived in the Ronneby area yesterday and had a lovely afternoon in the park with the celebration of Sweden's National Day and a guided tour through the historic grounds and springs. It was a former spa that closed its doors in 1939.
National Day celebrationsNational Day celebrationsNational Day celebrations

In the park at Ronneby
But what celebration of Sweden would be complete, however, without ice cream!? Swedish ice cream, folks, is fabulous. And trust me, a professed non-ice-cream imbiber (unless it's a very specific kind)...every flavor here is magical.

Enjoy the TWO whole blogs our team will be separately posting...we figure it's good for y'all to get varying perspectives!
Tomorrow we're off to visit a church (kyrka) and a lovely lunch at a castle!
Sov gott!

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Celebrate SverigeCelebrate Sverige
Celebrate Sverige

Beth, Peter, Shana, and Carol

I swear I didn't do it!
The mighty tug that could...The mighty tug that could...
The mighty tug that could...

Bringing the castaways back to shore
Don't be such a boar!Don't be such a boar!
Don't be such a boar!

Get it!? A boar!? HA HA HA At Eriksberg wilderness safari...

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