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May 20th 2008
Published: May 20th 2008
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Dear followers,
My coat is stained forever with grease, oil, and dirt. Not even the strongest Swedish washing machine could get it out. Proof positive of an adventure of a lifetime from this morning! Curious what caused my coat stains!? Try a 64 meter climb (some 210+ feet) to the VERY TIP TOP of an electric windmill! We lounged out on top to stare right in the face of the large blades (not moving though!) and were eye level with about twelve other windmills! Exhilirating!? Totally! The amazement that Peter, Dennis, Beth, and I experienced is beyond words. Our photos from the top look like they were Photo-Shopped! They'll be posted soon....once I get a hold of Beth's memory card!!! 😊

We're now in Halmstad after having finished the day with a fine presentation in Falkenberg and a fascinating tour of one of Sweden's most advanced fire stations. Aside from sitting inside fire engines and walking through training areas, most notably we got to slide down the firemen's pole! (Hence the subject above!)

Once again, the opportunities presented to us are astounding....let the pictures do the talking!

Sov gott,

Additional photos below
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21st May 2008

Keeping the world cooler
You not only look cool in your hard hats but your are witnessing why we are haveing such cool weather. We are all enjoying your exploits and we wish we were there to help you. How are your presentations going??? Keep sending the pics!
21st May 2008

Here, where stain-cutting products are not equally forbidden, you should be able to treat that coat, or it will disintegrate - hell, I don't know ~ and likely, you don't want me to do your laundry. Climbing a wind tower AND riding in a fire truck? NOW I'm jealous! If you get strapped into a boat that can do a full 360 roll in sea-swells at least 80 feet tall (ok, so we exaggerate over time) followed by cow-plop bingo in a neolithic boat-grave, then to hell with the rules, I'm going back for a second run at this thing! Actually, what is confusing to me is merely the names you mention then looking at the pictures, am I to believe that Carol and Shana didn't clamber up the windmill? Somehow, there has to be a story there, too. Today, we had a little "remember when" moment of exploits now 8 years past, and it was glorious to remember, I swear. My whole team joined in a collective sigh and skål, and I have to say - you all will join in that game too - and it will be wonderful, and you will all laugh, and sigh, and smile. I bet you a million dollars (Zimbabwean, given that I have the chance of assembling such a sum) that you will collectively NEVER look at a windmill the same again. Rock on, folks! Build your memories, just as we celebrate ours. And in the end, let us raise our glasses high, sing Helan Går (off-key, and likely already inebriated), and endeavor to carry on the spirit of GSE so the NEXT team too is prepared, wowed, safe, secure, happy, and helpful. To those who are given much, much is expected. What I expect from you all is to seek "wow" moments here too, and also to provide them to others.

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