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July 31st 2009
Published: August 15th 2009
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Daddy Keeping me WarmDaddy Keeping me WarmDaddy Keeping me Warm

U2 on Greedy Hill
Well it was back to where we started this trip and where we would end it.... Sweden. We returned to the Volvo factory to give the car back. Daddy was now going to have to wait 6-8 weeks until the car arrives in Miami, and drive the "ugly car" until it arrives.. I was really sad to say goodbye to the car with no top. I was very happy that when I arrived, they gave me back my Liseberg rabbit that I had left there 4 weeks earlier.

We stayed at Jenny's house, our final couchsurfer. We had met our first night in Goteberg. She was very nice. She cooked us dinner and we danced. Daddy had mentioned prior to us leaving 4 weeks ago that U2 was playing in town and it would be cool to go somewhere we might be able to listen to the music. Jenny didnt know at first because she had only been living in Goteberg for a couple years, but by the time we returned, she did some research and we packed a little picnic and went to a place that translates to "greedy hill". It was an easy climb and while it was
U2 on Greedy HillU2 on Greedy HillU2 on Greedy Hill

What a way to end our 1 month trip!
a bit cold and windy, we were able to see the stage and hear the music. Daddy liked it a lot and said they played all of their old songs. Daddy thought it was a perfect way to end the trip in Northern Europe.

So our Summer 10 country European road trip was over and I had so much fun. While I was looking forward to seeing my mommy, brother, and friends, I had so many awesome experiences. I really liked meeting all the people with couchsurfing and camping, as well as Daddy's friends in Oslo. I loved learning about new things like Pippie and Barbafamily, the amusements parks of Tivoli and Liseberg, seeing palaces and castles and pretending I was the princess. And of course, seeing the ballet, Swan Lake, in Russia. Oh, and being with daddy 24/7 without him working was not bad either.

I am not sure where we are going next summer, but he mentioned something about soccer and Africa...............

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Dinner at Jenny'sDinner at Jenny's
Dinner at Jenny's

She was a great host!
Me and JennyMe and Jenny
Me and Jenny

Greedy Hill
Daddy and SofiaDaddy and Sofia
Daddy and Sofia

Greedy Hill
U2 from afarU2 from afar
U2 from afar

Greedy Hill

15th August 2009

Just a quick hello from some fellow couch surfers. I've read a few of your blogs, great! I love reading how (relatively?!) easy it is to travel with children as so many people tell us our travelling days will be over as soon as we have a child or two.
17th August 2009

Your marvelous trip
Hello Michael and Sofia! We just loved your blog, it made us feel part of your adventures. We read all the stories and saw every single picture. What a lovely trip, and it made us feel very good how happy you guys look. Beautiful trip, beautiful photos, beautiful stories. Congratulations my friend! Flavio and Andressa
25th August 2009

Hey Mike and Sofia! Wonderful trip, amazing pictures. In Brazil we had the Barba family on TV in the late 70's. It was callled Barbapapa family.
9th September 2009

Love your blog!
Looking forward to the next installment! It's amazing to see Sofia travel to all these places! Happy travels, Dawn

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