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July 23rd 2009
Published: June 25th 2010
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Once we decided to go Helsinki, because it is just 2 hours by ferry from Tallinn. However, suddenly, this plan turned into a 3-day trip to Stockholm and Helsinki. We were seduced by the party boats that are running from Tallinn to Stockholm (appr. 12 hours) and from Stockholm to Helsinki (the same time). Our expectations wasn't fully met, but still it was fun. The ferry was really huge, with all the restaurants, bars, casino, shops, anything you would prefere. It was my first time on the ferry )) I did so many things for the first time during this vocation =)
In the morning we arrived to Stockholm and found our hostel. Hostel was situated in the High School that looked like Hogwarts from Harry Potter. During the summertime they transformed it into the hostel. They took away all the desks in the classrooms and put mattresses just on the floor!
We rented bicycles for 2 days and traveled around the city along and across. This actinity is comparatively cheap there, despite Stockholm by itself is extremely expensive. The only thoughts I had in my head were - God, I want to study in this city! It is perfect! I was attracted by everything: sites, water channels, people. I felt the atmosphere of a rich, prospective country, which was developing for centuries and continue now. It's like kings are living there! From any place in the city you can admire water channels that are crossed with dozens of briges. While sitting on the bench and admiring water views, I always thought that it was a river, but it was not - it was a sea!! Sea all around the city. Marvelous!! Amazing! Literally, the city is built on the islands in the sea!
We visited the Vasa Museum, saw a lot of churches and monuments, almost missed our ferry to Helsinki, but fortunately our laziness helped us that time.
The expected party boat looked more like drinking boat. Next day we spent in Helsinki, but somehow I didn't like it so much. After the capital of Sweden, Finland looked not so cool. My advice to everyone, who is planning to visit northern Europe - start with Finland and go to the West!! (Actually, nowdays Iceland is my dream destination).
So Helsinki is very similar to St. Petersburg - the same style, same architecture, same drunkers 😊 To my mind, Finns take the second place after Russians in drinking competition! They even go to St.Petersburg by ferry for a day and get drunk there, because at home they have strict limitations for the amount of alcohol they are allowed to buy.
In the evening we came back to our native Tallinn - the second home, as everybody called it afterwards ))

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