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July 28th 2017
Published: July 28th 2017
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Cool trampolineCool trampolineCool trampoline

This was super fun to bounce on!
This morning we woke to our first spot of rain. It was a light drizzle but we headed off to the town of Mariefred hoping it would clear up. Sure enough, 10 minutes into the drive, it got nice and sunny. This town is west of Stockholm but the ocean still goes inland that far. Upon arrival, we walked through the main street and down to the waterfront. There were lots of boats docked here and the pedestrian walk through main street was really nice. We ate lunch here and it was all delicious! Yes, I had the meatballs. Then we walked over to Gripsholmen Slott (means castle) and it was very cool. Our first real experience of a Swedish castle up close. The cannons inside the castle grounds were from the 1600's and were very intricately made. Then we made our way back to the car and were hoping to go for a hike on Somerlandsleden (leden means hiking trail) but when we got to the trail, the skies opened up with a big thunderstorm. We waited a bit but no signs of slowing down so we drove on to do some shopping for the rest of the afternoon. We
Steam trainSteam trainSteam train

Sweden's oldest train
will try a hike another day. Forgot to mention that yesterday evening, sitting on the back patio, we watched 3 deer run up the road in front of our house! Pretty cool!

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Cannons inside the slotCannons inside the slot
Cannons inside the slot

From the 1600's and very fancy
Gripsholmen SlottGripsholmen Slott
Gripsholmen Slott

In Mariefred

28th July 2017
Gripsholmen Slott

Beautiful Castle!
So different from the castles we are used to seeing - a lot less severe looking. Interesting...the German word for castle is schloss - not too far from slott. Loving the blog as usual!

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