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March 1st 2012
Published: April 13th 2012
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North Lights danicing across the skyNorth Lights danicing across the skyNorth Lights danicing across the sky

(with Venus & Jupiter shining bright)
How cool are these pictures? We're so proud of them, they truly reflect what we saw – curtains of green and red light rippling across the sky. At times the lights were so active you just didn't know where to look, you were surrounded by them. And to see red – I've only seen green northern lights before so seeing red in there as well was really exciting. We spent 12 days in the north of Norway and Sweden and the lights turned up practically every night and sometimes lasted for hours – so much more than we expected.

And to occupy ourselves during the hours of daylight we met up with our friends Di & Dave (who we met at the other end of the world in Antarctica) and did all sorts of exciting things: snowmobiled to the top of the mountain, tracked down wild moose, got our museum fix in Tromso, went down the iron ore mine in Kiruna, visited the Esrange Space station, did some ice driving and cross-country skiing, took a couse on “how to photograph the Northern Lights” and visited the Ice Hotel. As you'd expect of us we were daft enough to sleep in the Ice Hotel at -5C – it was OK, tucked up in a warm sleeping bag on a pile of reindeer skin, I got a really good nights sleep.

Every activity and place we visited was fun & worthwhile but the Northern Lights were the stars of the show. You could sit and watch them for hours, which we did despite temperatures down to -20C.

Additional photos below
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The road from Tromso, Norway to Abisko, SwedenThe road from Tromso, Norway to Abisko, Sweden
The road from Tromso, Norway to Abisko, Sweden

(luckily we had 2 more wheels than we normally do!!)
Abisko supermarket Abisko supermarket
Abisko supermarket

I've never seen so many sweets, they took up half the shop
The church in KirunaThe church in Kiruna
The church in Kiruna

designed to look loike a Sami tent
Frozen LoveFrozen Love
Frozen Love

one of the Art Bedrooms at the Ice Hotel

another of the Art Bedrooms
Kraken's LairKraken's Lair
Kraken's Lair

yet another Art Bedroom
Rock & IceRock & Ice
Rock & Ice

and another
Skiing across the river TorneSkiing across the river Torne
Skiing across the river Torne

this is the source of the ice for the Ice Hotel

13th April 2012

Please STOP!
Please, please, stop travelling to places on my "must see before I die" list. Every time you post another blog entry it serves as a reminder that I've not been anyway recently and my list is not getting any shorter, and I'm only getting older! Seriously, beautiful photos, but isn't it time you stayed at home and left the travelling to others?;-)
17th April 2012

"And we're off.... or maybe not"........ presumably Edwin ? !
Splendid record......... superb photos of the northern lights
3rd May 2012

How jealous!
You guys really now how to make someone jealous. Looking forward to following your next travels. By the way, I think the moose needs to work on his hide and seek skills a bit.

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