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August 8th 2006
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The GangThe GangThe Gang

The four of us: Felix, Peter, myself and Elsa.
Well, I arrived in Sweden in the morning after a transfer in Amsterdam. Didn't talk to a single security officer, no customs officers and no baggae check, just grabbed my bag and walked out of the airport. I grabbed a train to Stockholm, hopped on a bus to the ferries, then floated my way to Gotland Island. Peter, my buddy I met in Perth Australia, had arranged everything I needed to do which made it very easy to find my way here. Upon arrival in Visby, Peter picked me up and we jumped in a limo back to his place.

Gotland is awesome! Visby, the city on Gotland, is very medieval and is surrounded by a massive stone wall built hundreds of years ago. The shops and houses are all built to keep the medieval look, and it just so happened that it was also medieval week when I arrived.

My trip here was not so much for sight seeing and backpacking, but for meeting up with my friends I met in Perth, Australia who all live here, Peter, Felix and Elsa. We basically just got pissed every night and then walked around town during the day. Played some
Blue SteelBlue SteelBlue Steel

Felix's Blue Steel (from the movie Zoolander).
volleyball and checked out the hand made medieval helmets, shields, swords and armour at the medieval week's market.

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A sunset shot over Gotland, Sweden.
Visby TownVisby Town
Visby Town

A shot over the town of Visby from Ollie's place.

Peter, Felix and Elsa prepare an scumptious breakfast for us all. I helped a bit.
Prepare the TubPrepare the Tub
Prepare the Tub

Filling and heating of the hot tub.

Felix in his fire heated hot tub.
Take Aim... Fire!Take Aim... Fire!
Take Aim... Fire!

Shooting some arrows at the medieval market.
Make Way for the King!Make Way for the King!
Make Way for the King!

The King arrives during a parade for Medieval week.
Group ShotGroup Shot
Group Shot

Myself, Elsa and Felix.
Protect the King!Protect the King!
Protect the King!

Trying on some hand crafted armour.

Ollie trying out an axe and shield.

A few drinks outside to start off the night.

Talking about old toys over some drinks... Ollie, Felix and myself run up to Ollie's attic to find his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Michelangelo holds down a foot soldier, while Raphael slices his sides and Leonardo dives blades first into him.

Just playing some volleyball: Peter, Ollie and Felix.
Stone WallStone Wall
Stone Wall

A partial shot of the massive stone wall that surrounds the town center.

17th August 2006

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