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July 1st 2010
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A night out. Beer and sangria. Meeting people. Talking. the sky bright blue, then darker, then deep ocean blue. Could have seen fishes swimming in the sky. But that would have been the sangria spirits talking. Traipsing around with a Scottish guy and an Irish guy. Funny friendly guys. It was great, because lots of talk of literature and theater. One guy: "Oh, I liked Joyce, but now I´m over that.." Please, dude. Gavin from Ireland is in love with Steinbeck. Robin from Scotland likes to do Jack Nicholson impressions. Refuses to do "Herés Johnny" from The Shining because, well, "everybody does that one." Met two girls, Aussie and NZ. Accents indistinguishable to me. Like American and Canadian, they say. One of them had pink nailpolish and it was wearing off. Don´t ask my why I am writing about that, I wouldn´t know. Robin got too drunk to function so we left him in a ditch for the vultures. Went off to sit in the street with the Spanish youth surrounded by bottles of beer and wine and cider and empty plastic cups. Street music. Slept like a rock.
Today wandering around Pamplona. Will meet the gal from the internet cafe for coffee. For breakfast a cafe con leche and a tortilla (which is truly a potato omelette in our parlance). Going to find an art store for new pens, new notebook, and a post office to mail Scott´s secret gift.
Tomorrow back on the camino.
For life and living


1st July 2010

Trying to picture all you are describing......We're off to celebrate the 4th in experience beauty there. I think you'll be adding Spanish to your list of languages. be safe on the camino - will wait eagerly to hear from you again
1st July 2010

Running with the bulls
Drew, Thanks for sharing this. We are in Lausanne right now at the International Hemingway Conf. Really great stuff. Just did a piece on Salinger and Hemingway that might run (in part) in the KC Star on Hemingway's birthday. Will keep you posted on that. I was in Pamplona just before the running in 2006 so I'm totally there with you and know the feeling of the city right before the fiesta begins. Have heard some good papers on The Sun Also Rises. Tonight Valerie Hemingway shared some from he memoir Running With the Bulls: My Years With the Hemingways. Her talk brought Papa to life. So many people miss the man. It is too bad when people let the myth overide the truth. He was the kind of guy we would have loved to talk literature and sports and everything with. Thousands of people gather outside our hotel here everynight there is a world cup game. RTS has a broacast booth and a gigantic screen. The craziest nights were when Switzerland played (the night we arrived) and when Spain played Portugal (the pop of Lausanne is 28 percent S/P and they apparently don't like eachother). It was INTENSE. Look forward to hearing more about your trip. Carry the fire, Brad
3rd July 2010

Tu viens?
Are you coming to Sale Marasino or not?
3rd July 2010

probably not....but I still dont know. think i´m going to keep on walking.... chance might not come around again. ill chime in to confirm but for now lets say, sadly, no. sadly. drew
13th July 2010

good to hear from you Brad, and that you are keeping up the good work. the fire is lit and glowing strong. It´s been interesting to walk this path, to see all of the Catholic symbology, and the varying reasons for which people do the walk. From strictly religious, to cultural, to sport, to more personally spiritual. Everyone has been quite open and ready to exchange. peace! drew

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