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June 1st 2006
Published: June 1st 2006
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SOOO my birthday was amazing
um.... we woke up at like 12... got ready
went to pizza hut
haha i felt like i was at a little kids birthday party all over again
went on the internet to check all my happy birthdays from all of you
and then.... we went back to the hostel... got all dressed up
ill try and send pics sometime..
and we went out to this cute little authentic authentic spanish restraunt .. haha but the menu was all in spanish and so we just guessed at what we wanted
we ended up getting... calamari.l. which was soo good
some... weird potatoe thing that was also really good
um.. cheese things.... good
and then we accidently ordered pig ears
we thought it was some sort of barbeque yummyness
i almost barfed
it tasted like... bacon and dough and but it was crunchy
and SOO nasty
um... then we went back to our hostel bar
and met up with some more people that were coming out with and we drank up some cheap sangria. Then we ditched and hung out all night at this amazing club
it looks like.. a mansion slash palace.. and there was roped off areas
so it felt like we were in a V.I.P zone..
and we just danced and hung out all night
It was sooo awesome.. and yesterday
kat and i pretty much repeated the day..
and it was incrediBULL... hahahahha
BUT i couldnt believe it.. it was soo insane.. we saw
6 bulls get anialated... the first time i screamed my head
off because i actually could NOT believe what i was seeing.. but
after the first two murders i became numb and we actually started
cheering . and the bullfighters we gorgeous and they all new it.
i have some good pictures of it all
then at night we went on this mexican fiesta thing
and drank corona.. which was weird.. because i havent seen corona
in the longest time.
it was cool and they acctually played really good musicum... kat and i have mostly
been hanging with some guys from west virginia.. and they are the funniest
people i have ever met. i wish they lived in edmonton
because you would all love them
um.. our australian friends left so im super bummed
but kat and i leave here today to paris and we are
meeting up with kendra and brennan!! SOO excited


1st June 2006

Wow!! only 2 murders to go numb!!!!thats kind of scary!!Praying for safe travels. Times gonna fly for the next 22 days I'm sure!!!! Love Mom
1st June 2006

you are a bullionaire
I just read this book called "The Sun Also Rises" and its all about bullfights in spain. I told B-wen last week "we have to go to spain and watch bullfights." Now I see this and I am tres jealous. Jerklips. And I'm not bad at correspondance. You are. I love you. come home and bring me stuff, bring me a bullfight t-shirt.
2nd June 2006

happy belated b-day!
happy belated b-day! jus' got yer blog url via the fam-info hiway (your grandma to my mom). hope all is well with you. look forward to the pix when u get home. take care, T
2nd June 2006

bull fight
Dear Brittany, did you know that what you saw was like a David Copperfield show. They didn't murder the bulls it only appeared that way. The bulls are only actors, like me. Ta Da.

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