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July 20th 2012
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john the Baptist
To still linger on in Toledo is easy. We were absolutely stoked with this beautiful medieval walled city. Every corner is worth a picture. We had a couple of incidents there. All Ladies and we say again all Ladies wave their fans to get a bit of coolness. It is real Spanish, so we thought we buy a couple. Not that expensive, two Euro each. We payed the man four Euros. He wrapped them while we looked through his shop. Back at the Hotel we unwrapped them and found only one. We thought if he is so short of money we gladly donated two Euros. Next day by chance we passed the shop, the man in question was not there. Telling the man that was there what happened. We even recognised the wrapping paper. The man stood up asked to select one, wrapped it and gave it with apologies. On this last day we bought some other items, payed by card, while having a big discussion about the big economic problems Spain was facing and the results of the Government saving measures. Again back at the Hotel, we were writing down the spending and what do you know, he had taken

place of baptising
20 Euros to much. He had given us his business card and email adress. We phoned the shop, they looked through the dockets and an hour later they were at the Hotel giving back the money they had charged to much. It made us feel very good about the Spanish honesty. As a last we visited the Mezquita Cristo de Luz. This thousand year old building. In the Caliphate period it was build as a Mosque. In 1085 Alfonso VI conquered Toledo and transformed the Mosque into a church. There is a legend that El Cid passed the church on his horse, the horse stopped and kneeled before the church and refussed to move on as an act of worship to the Christ that was hidden behind a partition wall. It lit up by a lamp, which had been kept hidden under the Moorish rule. A small white stone shows the place. This closed the end of our visit to Toledo. Lots more to see, maybe another time. We are back on the road. Till than Liz & Allan.

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the souvenir shop

Liz having a drink

one of the gates

lobby at Hotel

dinning here at night

our Hotel room

breakfast room

Eating at the Hotel

lit up church Toledo

Liz eating Fish

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