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September 4th 2015
Published: September 6th 2015
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This Will Be Home.This Will Be Home.This Will Be Home.

Charlie surveys the upper deck
Hello from Spain. Yes we are back there but we are not as hot as we were a couple of months ago. We are up near the French border and as it is now September the temperatures have dropped and it is a bit damper.

Anyway, the boat trip on the Thames was great. The scenery and the villages were as good as I would have hoped. It is certainly a majestic river with some fantastic houses, mansions, old hotels and properties sweeping down to the river. It also has far more country side and wonderful pasture lands along the way. Having picked up the boat in Benson we headed up river to Abington were Viv and Charlie caught a bus into Oxford for a quick tour around. The next day we headed back down river as our ultimate destination was to get down as far as Windsor. Stopping along the way, mooring for the evenings in a village or town, or sometimes beside a pasture, we would have a stroll through a village, have a meal in a pub or cook on board and enjoy the relaxation that being on the river brings. A bit of work to do
Instruction Time.Instruction Time.Instruction Time.

We take notice of everything so that we can take control.
at the locks although these were always manned {except twice} and the odd bike trip to find a store meant that life was pretty leisurely. We had a real mixed bag as far as weather was concerned and on occasion we got soaked while driving the boat from the top deck. If we went below it was very hard to see when raining. Peter, Helen and Georgie joined us one night for dinner and the next day Pete and Helen came back to travel with us down to Windsor and stay the night aboard. Great to catch up with them and share a few drinks. Viv and Charlies friends,Kim and Chris, who live in England joined us for 2 nights and enjoyed being on the river. We had some great evenings with good food and wine. Fantastic. Once we had finished with windsor we turned and headed back up stream were we meet up with Steph and Robin who came down from London to join Di and I for a meal in Henley On Thames. Then we made our way slowly back up to Benson to bid the boat good-bye. A great trip and I must say that it was
We're Off.We're Off.We're Off.

Off we go up stream toward Oxford. Charlie takes the helm
great seeing the Thames from the river rather than the road way. It truly is and great river with much history and it's own beauty. And so to Spain to have a few nights in Bilbao, then to head to Rioja to start the bike ride which is for seven days. Busy. Very busy. Loving it. Pip/Rod

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Just Checking. Just Checking.
Just Checking.

The girls check out that Charlie is doing ok. Yea. Thats fine. Proceed.
It's Raining Again.It's Raining Again.
It's Raining Again.

Unfortunately we had a bit of this situation.
What Have We Here?What Have We Here?
What Have We Here?

We encounter our first dock. All worked well.
It's Bloody Raining Again.It's Bloody Raining Again.
It's Bloody Raining Again.

Getting on the damp side but, oh, it was fun and not to cold.
Drink and Snack Time.Drink and Snack Time.
Drink and Snack Time.

After a hard day of putting down the Thames. Relaxation.
Home Sweet Home.Home Sweet Home.
Home Sweet Home.

Moored for the evening and alls well.
Not That Way. That Way.Not That Way. That Way.
Not That Way. That Way.

A familiar sign on the river.
In The Dock.In The Dock.
In The Dock.

Viv takes control of looking after the stern when in a dock. The NZ flag[is it still?} flutters in the back ground.
In Control??In Control??
In Control??

Enjoying the helm in the drizzle and breeze but Charlie became the master helms man.
Moored Up.Moored Up.
Moored Up.

The finish of another day and a couple to celebrate the sun coming out.
We Are At The Top.We Are At The Top.
We Are At The Top.

Along with others moored up for the night in Goring.
Relaxation Time.Relaxation Time.
Relaxation Time.

Viv and Charlie enjoy a drink aboard.
Coffee Time.Coffee Time.
Coffee Time.

Dropping into the odd pub for a coffee and snack. Perhaps a drink and snack.
Beautiful Houses.Beautiful Houses.
Beautiful Houses.

This sort of property is all along the Thames with some places that were unreal. Beautiful properties and lots of pasture land with woods. So enjoyable.
Family Catch Up.Family Catch Up.
Family Catch Up.

Georgie, Helen and Pete join us for a meal in Henley.

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