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May 6th 2013
Published: May 6th 2013
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on the empty boardwalk with the Castillo in the backround
Its been two long days since our last confession, ooops sorry I mean blog, and we've covered some ground in that time. So lets do a short recap.

Friday, our last day in beautiful Barcelona, we had a morning of shopping then headed to our pickup location for a half day journey to meet the Monks of Monserrat. Arriving there we were greeted with a confused face and a "Qué, no Monserrat tour today". Quickly checking the emails we realised we are on the wrong side of the city and have to leg it pronto. Leelee in thongs and making some dubious direction calls slowed us up a bit and we arrived ten minutes late which was ten minutes too late apparently! One minute tour.... Nek Minnit no tour!

Settled on a Siesta and a sensational Argentinian meal later that night for our last blast in Barcelona.


Today made sure we had plenty of time to make it to the train station for our journey to Valencia. Buying the tickets from an Español machine was an experience in itself but we managed it and headed for the 1st class coach. The trains in Spain carve it up
Castillo de San JuanCastillo de San JuanCastillo de San Juan

View from one of the the archways
on the plains! 200k per hour found us in Valencia in no time.

Avis how do you get it so wrong? Booked a Mercedes Coupe for 5 days and ended up with a big ass 7 seater Mercedes van? What a fucker to park! Oi yoi yoi! Headed down the coast on the wrong side of the road following directions from Guido (the name we've given to the GPS lady guide) causing intermittent nervous anxiety attacks from Leelee and stress neck to Mick. Destination Denia which turned out to be a "nothin to see here folks" kinda town.

Departed dead Denia and motored onto Aguilas. If we thought Dead Denia was dead Aguilas seems to be the most under utilized piece of real estate we have seen anywhere in the world. A stunning natural harbour, beaches and mountains but also deserted beachfront apartment buildings, empty swimming pools and a lonely ocean boardwalk. The GFC and current Spanish financial crisis has done a job on this town. There have been no bars or clubs in Aguilas since 2010... an alarming state of affairs!

Still, there is a huge rock with Castillo de San Juan, a 16th Century Castle guarding the harbour sitting 500m above sea level. What you gonna do but climb it!

Geared up and off we went, reaching the summit and being rewarded with THE most spectacular views we've yet seen (especially if you look through the right end of the telescope Leelee!).

Since leaving Barcelona the understanding of English by the natives is very little, so our Spanglish is getting better!

Which brings us up to speed and we are off to dinner on the terrace at our hotel to watch the sunset over the Sierra Nevada Mountains .

Till Nek time amigos 😊


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