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June 13th 2012
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I am not sure if I wrote about this in my blog in Morocco but even if I did, today’s happenings deserve some attention. Many people were nervous about me going to spain being super blonde, and it doesn’t help that during my time here in the sun I have only gotten blonder. People said that blonde hair is rare here and blah blah blah, heres the thing, there are tons of women with blonde hair, but it’s fake and you only see it on woman 45+. It must be a “thing” here to bleach your hair for a mid life crisis. Anyways, today, I got a little taste of why people were nervous for me! In morocco the men on the streets referred to my hair as “oro liquído” which means liquid gold, and it isn’t the first time that has happened, it’s just kind of a little cat call thing. But here’s the thing, my hair is 1. Not liquid and 2. Not anywhere near the color of gold but it is just an expression I suppose.. So anyways, here I am walking down gran via to class when a boy/ manish thing close to my age pet me. He PET ME. Literally reached out his hand and PET. MY. HAIR. I of course freaked out, called him a not so nice word and he laughed and walked away. He was totally completely harmless of course but the thing is I have not really adjusted to this whole no personal bubble thing. Its as though spaniards see your bubble and intentionally pop it. For those of you not familiar with the bubble analogy this post may seem rather awkward…. The only other blonde girl I every spend time with, Aly, said that because of the men in morocco and spain shes going to be super unused to the fact that men in the states don’t hit on you blantantly left and right when she goes back. (that was worded terribly- woops!)

Anyways, other than my appearance as the star of the local petting zoo this morning, my day was seemingly uneventful. Homework, class and a nice little siesta. My roommates parents are in town so I have the place to myself this evening! Not like that really changes anything, but still. My señora made jamón york tonight…. Shes starting to venture into some more interesting foods that are a little more difficult to try! This was basically a crépe, with a piece of ham in it, and then a whole ton of melted cheese. 99% of the people reading this probably want to smack me upside the head for not liking it but bleh noooo thank you.

We had a nice little conversation over dinner since it was just the two of us and she showed me all these family photo albums. She really is just the sweetest little old lady but man does she hate the way I eat! First of all, they all attempt to eat with their left hand, which I have no idea if that’s a spanish thing or a Marie thing, but I am definitely no way in hell coordinated enough to eat with my left hand. I look like a 2 year old. So rather than spill food all over me, I eat with my right, and she thinks that’s just oh so funny. Then heaven forbid I grab the wrong fork or spoon for the main dish! Oh and they scrape their food from back to front and there are all these things with how to eat soup etc etc. thanks to her constantly correcting me and making me ask for things my spanish is just impeccable- if I haven’t told you this, she hides my silverware! HIDES IT! Because I keep forgetting the word for spoon, and so she hides my spoons and then when it comes time for something I need a spoon for, I have to ask for it, and of course right when I need the word it slips out of my head. Its not even that hard – cuchara! I can remember it now but why not when she hides it?! Oh well.

I believe that is all for now, nothing too eventful today, other than being pet by a stranger. Between the humidity, the heat, the ugly wave and strangers petting my hair I do not want to wear my hair down for the rest of summer!


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