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September 23rd 2009
Published: September 23rd 2009
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Granada surreal moment

Successfully arrived in Granada. It is much more grity than Cordoba, but then it is about 6 times larger. The hotel has wifi, so I was able to update the blog with all my saved entries. After a snack to tide me over, I went for a walk. Ended up on the river just below the Alhambra, so hiked up the hill on the other side to see the view. Gorgeous, I can hardly wait to explore tomorrow!

I then hiked back down, and wandered through the tourist-trap tapas places along the river. Found an amazing little kebab place, and grabbed a falafel and some juice to go. Found a bench along the river and watched the sunset. A guitarist busker setup next to me, started playing Nirvana. Whoh! Surreal!

On the train, I sat next to a woman from Australia. She is travelling in Europe for 6 weeks with her friends. They had not heard of the Alhambra, so I loaned them my travel books. They are hoping to go up tomorrow. They should not have any problems, my hotel offered me a pass when I checked in. I purchased my ticket a couple days ago, so am set.


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