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April 21st 2007
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Hola madre, hola padre, estamos aqui en campamento de GRANADA. Adam finally made it to Granada. Arriving in Granada was like stepping into another Spain. ¨Dark and brooding¨is how it is often described and Granada didn´t disappoint as the temperature dropped and it started to rain. Granada is the home of the Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace, a big university and a great night-life. You could really feel the muslim influence on the city, in the architecture, food and even the people.

Our run had ended with booking accommodation over the phone, so we hiked into town to try our luck. As it happened, there were hundreds of places to stay and we hit the jackpot on our first try, right in the heart of the main area. Our host was a lively character, keen to use his english and speak to us about his favourite Australian band, AC/DC, and, in his opinion, the most overrated Australian person, Mick Dooo-Han. Apparently, the Spanish love him, go figure. He also loved Pink Floyd, and remembers his first English words fondly "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon".

After an early start, our first port of call was a cosy little tapas bar just down the road. Jane was still feeling a little rough, and the site of the bulls head and jamon/hambone legs above the bar were a little rough, but it ended up being a brilliant meal and just what the doctor ordered.

We spent the afternoon strolling through the Albaicin area of the town, which has great views of the main event, the Alhambra, as well as some stunning architecture. The tapas bars were replaced by tea houses and kebab shops, and there were plenty of hubbly-bubbly pipes to be purchased in the bazaar (don´t worry parents, we didn´t invest).

Granada really comes alive at night, but the most we could muster up was a couple of vinos and some huge aceituna (olives) in a small bar, where Adam met Miguel, an old Spanish dude, who was intrigued by our presence and had some meaningful Spanish dialogue with Adam. He even slowed down a little to help out.

We arrived at the Alhambra to line up with the tourists at around 8am in the freezing cold rain, hoping that we would make it in. Only 2000 people are allowed in per day and many people book months in advance. We made it in and it turns out that is was definitely worth the early morning. It was very difficult to capture just how spectacular it is with photos, but we did try and hopefully you guys will enjoy them.

Reflecting on our time in Granada, Adam and I made a vow to come back, as it really is an amazing city and a day is just not enough. Granada is located at the foot hills of the Sierra Nevada, so we may just be back in winter for some snowbaording fun!

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An idea for the chalet Joe?

is that you?

1st May 2007

so jealous
spain seems like a lot of fun, im glad u got to experience granada. it sounds like you had does it go...."and they that we'l have some fun when it stops raining"............oh boo poor effort i know. well enjoy young travellors, cant wait to hear of more adventures!!!!!!!!
1st May 2007

Jane still enjoying hangovers?
Glad to see Jane still over indulges in her favourite hangovers. Maybe one day Jane you'll learn that tooooo much of a good thing isn't worth it the next day. Then again maybe not. Hope you rae having a blast. Love Mum Reid (and Dad Reid)
3rd May 2007

la cerveza mas fina - or are you two too busy sampling the local vino's?? ssssssssoooooooooooo envyous!!!

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