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April 18th 2009
Published: May 13th 2009
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Cadiz the Smiling CityCadiz the Smiling CityCadiz the Smiling City

A nice change from "Copenhagen the Grimacing City"
Cadiz is small, accessible, medieval, and has the best T.I. I've ever encountered.. We stopped at the T.I.and the gal there spent 20 minutes marking on the map places that were closed and then places of interest we should see.She answered our questions and then went above and beyond with helpful tips and explanations. Our main map laid out 4 different city walks, each denoted by a different color line. Not only were there lines on the map, but corresponding lines on the street so you could not get lost! But, on the other hand, Cadiz was of a size that you could not really get lost anyway, being on a small peninsula about 1 mile across. even meandering through the crooked medieval streets. It's on a narrow peninsula less than 1 mile across (in the old town). Surrounded by an ancient wall, there is also a Roman Colosseum there.

We came across a cathedral where a wedding was about to take place. There were men in suits, women in fancy dresses and children running around. We did not see the bride and groom, but later on in the town square, we saw a group of maybe 100 people standing in a circle. There were people in the center of the circle singing to the bridge and groom. It was so sweet! We were so lucky to have stumbled upon this community tradition.

In the main square we stopped at a little bakery for a snack and had the best chocolate donut ever from a small bakery run by a friendly little man (and I mean literally - this guy must have been 5 feet tall.) We strolled and enjoyed the local artwork and the architecture. We met a ceramic artist whose work we really liked and talked to her for quite a while. She had a huge shop with lots of ceramics of various styles - all her own work. We bought several pieces and she ended up giving us a little plate as a gift. There was also a particular tile that I really liked - but there was only one and it was cracked, so she would not sell it to me. She ended up giving us the tile as well. It is one of my favorite souvenirs. Something about the design and color of that tile - blue, white and rusty orange just feels so special. And I like the fact that it is cracked.

When the shops closed for siesta, we found a cafe on the square for tapas and drinks and were serenaded by a violinist.

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Follow the green line!Follow the green line!
Follow the green line!

There were lines drawn on the city streets that corresponded with walking tours on the city map.
Cadiz TileCadiz Tile
Cadiz Tile

Ring the bells you still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in
A wedding celebrationA wedding celebration
A wedding celebration

The group was singing to the bride and groom - it was very sweet!
Tiled wall ITiled wall I
Tiled wall I

I am fascinated by the tiles of southern Spain and Morocco.

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