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December 25th 2006
Published: January 18th 2007
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When my friend Jelena told me she was going home for Christmas for the first time in four years and said I could tag along I jumped at the chance. What else was I going to do, besides harass my kid brother into asking for a Wii for Christmas so I could subsequently steal it from him? (He didn't get one, "but all my friends did, so I can play theirs". Pfft.) So it was back to Serbia after 18 months. As per usual I got spoiled to death by my Serbian family- thanks so much, Vesna & Branko!

What's changed since July 2005:

Election time: Serbs love politics! With parlimentary elections coming up on Jan 21st, I got to witness the campaigning in full swing. Jelena's and my favorite: the anti-snail one (see picture below).

Rubbing elbows: Branko and I were in St. Sava Temple and he recognized the American Ambassador to Serbia Michael Polt from TV so he told me to go talk to him. I figured as a taxpaying citizen it is my right to interrupt American ambassadors when they are showing their children around tourist sites. Well he was really nice and we chatted a bit, but I completely forgot not only to take a picture but also to ask him how exactly one becomes an ambassador. I'm after your job, sir!

Serbian television channels: 18 months ago they had a channel that would show Legends of the Hidden Temple and Wild & Crazy Kids and other Nickelodeon favorites from my childhood. I confess I screamed when I saw Omar for the first time in a decade. Recently FOX came to Serbia which excited much anticipation- finally, smutty American TV! Unfortunately the Serbian version of FOX is a huge disappointment. Instead of Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? the programming is mostly dull British nature documentaries about the mating pattern of iguanas and Italian soap operas.

Winter: I am not a winter person. I spent the first week in Serbia vaguely ill and sleeping in odd intervals so that I did not see the sun in about a week. I went for walks and took ~*~artistic~*~ pictures. One time two people asked me for directions in an hour, ++ Balkan cred. Orthodox Christmas is Jan 7th so December 25th is pretty much like any regular day in Serbia.

What hasn't changed:

That dude that's in The Hague that has posters all over: I actually took the initiative to look him up. He's Vojislav Šešelj, president of the Radical party. Branko found it very satisfying to step on his face (via picture on flyer on the ground). He's still all over Serbia.

The people: My second home is in Serbia. You guys are amazing *sob*. You all are so friendly, intelligent, and attractive (see photographic evidence).

Party like it's 1999: I have been to Serbia TWICE now and I've yet to get a picture of the 1999 NATO bombing remnants. It's pretty cool what those Tomahawk missles can do. Especially when you're not the target. NEXT TIME.

Additional photos below
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Pancevo housesPancevo houses
Pancevo houses

Everything looks so much better when it's sunny :3
Don't WalkDon't Walk
Don't Walk

Fantastic Political Ad CampaignFantastic Political Ad Campaign
Fantastic Political Ad Campaign

Usually accompanied by the slogan "Serbia needs to move faster!"

at Belgrade
Vojislav ŠešeljVojislav Šešelj
Vojislav Šešelj

He's everywhere!!!!
Vojislav ŠešeljVojislav Šešelj
Vojislav Šešelj

recently went on a hunger strike. I think he needs a new stock photo of his new svelte self.

18th January 2007

Another Great Blog!!!
Kate: I have been looking forward to your blog. You are one of the best. I wish I could take off on a whim. Say hello to your great Mother who lets you do all of this, and the rest of your family. Kent
18th January 2007

Hello Katie do you remember me
you look great and i like your hair color
18th January 2007

Wow it's Kate!
Kate, I miss you tons, I am sorry for being shitty about keeping in touch. Go check your email I sent you an email. I am glad to read this journal and am uber jealous on your travels, I am still in Vancouver, with 2 more terms to go, with psycho weather (it keeps snowing!). Keep traveling and being kickin' rad and hopefully we can reunite at some point, btw I like your hair! -Christine
28th January 2007

I like your new hair colour too. Stickyrice
6th February 2007

serbian friend
Milica here. Just want to say Hi. When you have some time send me e-mail.

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