Belgrade, Serbia - Balkan Sights!

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1st September 2007

Thanks guys!
I'm off to Belgrade in about 5 weeks and this was really helpful. My wife is more than a little apprehensive so this will put her mind at ease. More informative than the guide book I bought.
1st September 2007

You'll enjoy Belgrade, I'm sure. Thanks for the comment!
12th February 2008

Belgrade-how is it like to live in it!
so,I read the blog about Belgrade,and I must admit that I liked it (the blog).It definitelly describes the city as it is,without too much defects and advantages.It's 100% right.(I know,I live here) I just wanted to recommend that if you want to go here,go in summer,now it's too cold.(5 celsius was today's temperature). Just few more things I'd like to say about Belgrade: -We renovated the big market in "Zeleni Venac",so now it's a more proper than it was.I'll be checking this site and comments so if you need anything particular just leave the comment. P.S I may not know some stuff,I'm just a teenager kisses from Belgrade
13th February 2008

The truth :)
I was born in Belgrade and I live in it for 25 years... This comment about Belgrade is very pleasant to read,I'm glad that they had good impressions. Only, thay have seen not the half of the things in Belgrade-they saw the popular ones,but you need to meet local people to show you the charm of Belgrade! Cheap it is,safe and full of good people,full of places for everyone and good place to travel! Younger people know english very well,so I reccomend you,if you're in Belgrade to start a conversation with someone and they will show or tell you everything you need to know! Food is great,we have our domestic cousine and restaurants with italian,franch,spanish,thai,indian,chinese,japanese and world food. You will find in every street some coffee shop always full because people in Belgrade enyoj very much in relaxing,having fun and chatting with their friends. Theaters,movies,shopping malls with world famous brands are all around. One thing that bothers me is that we don't have METRO station in Belgrade,only surface transportation (buses,tramway) so traffic can be very bad... You can ask me anything you need to know,you can't get any better information! :)))))
14th February 2008

Beograd is so nice city
16th February 2008

an answer, and more..
-your were right about taxi.. it is expensive.. so there is a bus that takes you from the airoport to the center, number 72, just go to the last station.. it costs you 40 dinars (22p i think..) and the ticket last only for one ride.. -yeah, Jelen beer is something like more popular beer in our country, but u can find national pubs where it is even cheeper.. :) you just have to ask young population.. here, ppl love to see a turist, we are glad and we do anything to give you better vacation.. -about a meal you described, i think you ate something what's called cevapi.. they are like kebabs, but from pork and i recommend to order it with something called KAYMACK (i wrote like you could read it like we say, it is kajmak btw), what is like a cheese.. you'll see, u MUST try it.. :) -belgrade fortress is not famous because 1914 austrians started the wwi fireing on it, but being the old part of belgrade (you can find near a model of belgrade in midd centuries) -some buildings in scadarlia are painted in houses that were in their place from older times.. scadarlia was and still is a place where famous serbian writers, painters, singers,etc. were going out and were youth in '50s were making that street lifefull.. -in the market you can easily find young gipsies, (which i think they mentioned about that boy cycling) who are running around and doing crazy stuff.. in our country there are many gipsies.. that pitful sight of a thirty old woman and 2 children are also a sight of gipsies.. they are one of serbian problem, that there are many of them, poor, without jobs, just begging.. -Nikola Tesla invented more than radio.. he invented how to turn on a light without any electric connection, all through ground.. watch the "prestige" movie. he was nearly at the end of inventing how to produce electricity for the whooooooole world.. there were found scetches of something like electric tower, but no one could ever find out or finish his work (or just they didn't want to, i don't know), but there was found that he knew how.. -probably u haven't seen the nightlife in belgrade.. every young man can find what he likes there.. you just name it - any kind of club, any kind of restoraunts and caffes.. a club entry is cheep too, for some clubs you don't even have to pay, just to call to reserve.. :) in my opinion, i would always prefer to meet someone everywhere i go and always have a great time and many new friends.. i recommend you to do that, people here are great and willing to help and also friendly and comunicative!
22nd February 2009

Theese pics are wonderfull , i hope that u had a beautifull time in belgrade , and if u come again soon u must truy and experience our Night life in clubs ;-) Its a free country u can doo watever u want in limits of normal :D And something u missed OUR Girls are pretty 'n hot :)) . u truyed "cevapi" next time , find a place u can order "SARMA" u will love it :) salute from Belgrade and thx for saying the truth about our country unlike rubbish from tv and movies . Cya !

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