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September 23rd 2009
Published: September 23rd 2009
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Hi Guys,

first posting hereby. Made it to STP on Monday, nice place. Add Budapest to Amsterdam and divide by 2, then you get a feeling for the city :o) Went to Hermitage, saw the Aurora ship and enjoyed nightlife so far. My rusty russian knowledge is kinda useful. Tonight we head off to Moskow by nighttrain, more story telling from their!



23rd September 2009

Sounds nice, maybe just as nice as Groningen divided by 4! Enjoy Moscow, it's quite crazy.
23rd September 2009

Not enough!
Hi Guys! did the russina break your fingers?! This is not enough! A blog is mean tto be a place where one can write for free and freely. I can't believe these were the only impressions you had, unless (a) broken fingers, (b) internet is still scarece in Russia (c) you are partying more than you should, he he! Just kidding... keep it up, try to write more, when you can. Love to see you are enjoying the trip already. Looking forward to your next blog update! Lawrence von Luxembourg
23rd September 2009

nightlife is not your thing
Nice hearing from you. I am however a little alarmed at your health. What can such a short visit do a lot of harm to the your body. Nice hair you got anyway! We are curious about your next message Pa/Ma (is in Limburg by the way)
25th September 2009

Herr Lawrence von Luxembourg
We've had one minor complication: a renovation of the hostel itself, so we had 5 minutes before a wall of the so-called 'computer-room' was torn down.... And actually right now we're scrambling to go to 'Russian only' b-day party of an old friend of mine (FYI Chris is typing). As we slept at her place, we already had the chance to taste the homemade horseraddish flavored vodka with breakfast... So right now we're scrambling to go to her place ;) poor us...
26th September 2009

more ...
hey guys, Hope you're well and survived the horseraddish vodka party :-) on the other hand, just to be politically correct ... you really need to invest a bit more time into this blog ... :-)
3rd October 2009

HI Agnes, Chris , how, and where are you now any new stories, ( diving somewhere ?) Ciao AA

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