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September 2nd 2006
Published: September 1st 2006
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Some, but by no means all, of my favourite days of the last nine months:

YAROSLAVL, 2nd September 2005 to 7th January 2006:

A bit more about Yaroslavl. - My very first impressions of Russia.

Good friends stick together. - A school day. Everything apart from me falling asleep on the Yartek sofa!

Saved by the bell. - What a school day would have been like if I was born here.

The real Kazan. - The middle day of a first, unforgettable trip to Tatarstan.

Out with the old. - A cold afternoon in an historic town.

Daughter's Lesson. - The 25th Yartek play.

Moscow: if everybody lived the same. - Reading week in the big city. (Day one of four.)

Mixed fortunes. - Ice-hockey, up close and personal.

Brunettes have more fun. - The world's coldest and snowiest playground.

When in Moscow.... - ... do as the Yartechniki do.

Christmas Day. - Not a turkey in sight.

Try and stop me. - A stroll around my future home, in a snow blizzard.

Make yourself at home. - A very busy day in the Ukrainian countryside.

TVER, 18th February to 16th May 2006:

Unhappy holidays. - A day walking around the new town, in the still and freezing cold air.

Pancakes. - The main day of the spring 'festival season'.

Feeding the fifteen. - The very best and tastiest friday trip, to a bread factory.

Debut. - One of the busiest days. The market, volleyball and a Soviet nightcap.

The old town. - A trip back to my old home, with new friends.

Gallery, 2. - Kolya's photography, which I think is fantastic.

Kazan: thursday. - The week in Kazan has to be read as a story, starting from today.

Kazan: monday. - A day when everything and nothing made sense.

A life less ordinary. - The first of two trips to the big city in the same week.

Away from it all. - A simpler kind of life. Living the old-fashioned Russian way, if only for a day.


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