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January 9th 2018
Published: January 9th 2018
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As of today, January 2, 2018, forty of our fifty states are under a severe weather warning. Here are a few cold places I have visited:

Vladivostok is in Russia’s Far East, near the country’s border with China. Average January temperatures reach -13.1˚C (8.4˚F).

Novosibirsk is Russia’s third most populous city and one of the coldest: average temperatures reach -15.8˚C (3.6˚F) in January.

With a population of more than 578,000 people, Irkutsk is one of the major industrial cities in Siberia. Residents brave temperatures that plummet to an average of -18.8˚C (-2°F) in January.

Fairbanks, Alaska, is located at 64 degrees north latitude, north of Denali National Park and Preserve. People who can brave temperatures like January’s average of -22°C (–7.9°F) are rewarded with the gorgeous aurora borealis phenomenon.

How about Indianapolis? Amber Stewart of Terre Haute is completely covered after finishing the morning's Resolution Run in Indianapolis, Ind. on Jan. 1, 2018. Temperatures were about minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit for the start, which drew about 150 people, half of those who registered for the 5 kilometer and 1.5 mile event.

And Many-sohta? Fans stand in line in subzero temperatures to enter U.S. Bank Stadium to watch an NFL football game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings on Dec. 31, 2017, in Minneapolis. Fresno's Eric Kendricks played in that game!

Or Ioway! Samantha Dement-Graham shovels her neighbor's sidewalk on University Avenue in Dubuque, Iowa, on Dec. 29, 2017. Cold arctic air dipping further south than usual prompted Omaha, Nebraska, officials to cancel a New Year's Eve fireworks show as a three-day deep freeze chills celebrations in Iowa and Nebraska. The National Weather Service is warning of hazardous weather conditions as a deep freeze sets in with expected temperatures in some locations dipping near records not seen in more than 130 years.

Coldfoot, Alaska in the Arctic Circle was the coldest place I have been. It was a mere 0 degrees F, and I was told, too warm for the sled dogs to give us a ride!!!! I could only stay outside for a few minutes at a time. My old high school buddy, Terry, was a bush pilot up here during the pipeline days. He routinely flew in sub zero weather!!!!
Have you been anywhere colder?

So, stop complaining. It could be worse!

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9th January 2018

Probably the coldest I have been in is minus 20C in Datong, China. Everywhere after that seemed warm. Our son lives in Toronto, Canada where it was minus 22C a couple of days ago. For us travellers from Oz there was no greater thrill than snow covering Zion NP in Utah & Monument Valley in Arizona a few years ago during a polar vortex yet it was colder in Memphis, Tennessee. Gotta love USA!

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