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July 21st 2012
Published: November 9th 2012
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Following a night of feasting and warm showers we take off early in the morning to travel to Talmachevoski valley (Толмачевская Далина).

This time we join a tour with the Kamchatka Excersions led by Elena Perminova .

Designed by Elena, the tours make it accessible for locals to see something of Kamchatkas beautiful nature, without the ever expensive price tag that usual tour companies attach to their Kamchatka tours.

The tours are very worthwhile, especially if you understand Russian as they are led by Elena herself who has over 7 years higher education equivalent to a masters degree in Kamchatka history and anthropology.

She is full of information beginning from when the land was dominated by the indigenous Evenk and kamchidan people right to when Russian Cossacks invaded in the 18th century to present day history. The tour is on a bus where Elena constantly shows photos, videos and even music relevant to this beautiful region.

The first stop is a tree over 300 years of age. Elena promises our wish will be granted if we hang from the tree for 1 minute. I think this is created by tourist operators so they can have a laugh at all the stupid tourists.

Not wanting to have Elena miss out on this, I also partake in wish making and tree hanging.

Our next stop is beautiful lake Talmachevoski Lake (Толмачевская Озеро).

Following the lake we arrive at the bay to have a delicious packed lunch.

On the drive home we drive through the Talmachevoski valley (Толмачевская Далина) to Petropavlvsk.

Beautiful mist crawls over the horizon in the west and we are met with a final special sight.


Two teenage bears, startled by the bus, run into the distance as our tour comes to an end.

I'm not sure if its still possible to do tours with Elena but feel free to drop her a line - in Russian unfortunately she doesn't speak English.

You might be in luck to experience some wonders with this wonderful guide.

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