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Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 25th 2012

After much hiking, tenting and waking up early days we decide its time to take a small break. So without much indecision we spend our last day in Kamchatka enjoying the thermal pools close to Nalcheyvo National Park. The pools vary in temperature, and are completely adjustable by way of a hot water pipe that feeds directly from the nearby hot spring. In no time we are all wrinkly and old people like. Before leaving the pools I excitably spot milk in bag. I'm no virgin to this concept having been introduced to milk in a bag by my good friend Nick. Nick lives in Canada and apparently milk in a bag is a frequently enjoyed occurrence there. This time I'm able to enjoy the delights of milk in a bag in the flesh. It's exciting ... read more
Casha Natasha and mum
More pool time

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 23rd 2012

"Why did you come to Kamchatka?" - Dasha "I wanted to get close to the beach, to the ocean, to the great power of it all." - Natasha It's one of our final days in Kamchatka and today we decide to accompany Natasha to the beach. It's actually the main reason she chose to come to Kamchatka. Living in Sydney, and a mere 40 minutes from the ocean/beach (which is actually quite far from most Sydneysiders) I've grown to take the beach for granted at times. So it completely amazes me to meet someone who has chosen to fly 8.5 hours to come to the beach. Nonetheless we think it will be a lot of fun so we decide to join Natasha on her beach adventure. Like all fully hectics, I decide to call everyone in ... read more
Delicious wild berries minutes from the Ocean
One of the lost brothers
Flowers by the Ocean

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 22nd 2012

It's been three hours and our bus remains stuck in a ditch. Most of the group we are traveling with are outside the bus praying and singing Orthodox hymns. Me and mum decide to join them. Why has our bus been stuck in a ditch the past three hours? Well that's a good question that most of the Christians on this bus would like to ask the bus driver, in not very Christian like words. Why has the bus that's been provided happening to break down every hour and why is there not another on the way? these are questions I can see circling in most everynes mind. On the plus side its a beautiful sunny day. What started out as drizzly somber weather actually turned into a picturesque day for looking at Gorelya Volcano. Located ... read more
The beauty of Gorelya 5
Fauna on Kamchatka
I love Gorelya

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 21st 2012

Following a night of feasting and warm showers we take off early in the morning to travel to Talmachevoski valley (Толмачевская Далина). This time we join a tour with the Kamchatka Excersions led by Elena Perminova . Designed by Elena, the tours make it accessible for locals to see something of Kamchatkas beautiful nature, without the ever expensive price tag that usual tour companies attach to their Kamchatka tours. The tours are very worthwhile, especially if you understand Russian as they are led by Elena herself who has over 7 years higher education equivalent to a masters degree in Kamchatka history and anthropology. She is full of information beginning from when the land was dominated by the indigenous Evenk and kamchidan people right to when Russian Cossacks invaded in the 18th century to present day... read more
Looking Closer
The beautiful Lake
Bears looking back at us

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 20th 2012

"Walk the way we came?!? Your crazy - there is no way I'm going back that way." Natasha exclaimed. She was only about 5 foot 2 but full of spirit. She had just walked 40km with a back pack well over packed and had managed to sprain her leg in the process. The previous night, Yoshik and Casha tried in vain convincing her that there was no other choice. Yoshik a polish tour guide, guiding some Poles from Warsaw and Casha were friends who had met 4 years back. Casha had given Yoshik a lift whilst Yoshik was hitch hiking of his own around Kamchatka. Good friends ever since, Casha now joined Yoshik on his tours through Kamchatka. We convinced Natasha to sleep on it and see what happened the next day. Daybreak came and Natasha ... read more
Run off from the spring
жиль биль волк
Famous Giant Kamchatka Crab

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 19th 2012

Ever wanted to know how to hitch hike with a helicopter? The following is a brief how to guide: 1. Walk 40 kilometers through a national park, preferably somewhere remote like one of the national parks in Kamchatka. For this story we will use a real life example being the Nalcheyvo National Park. 2. The walk should be done at full pace so that at least part of your team is left exhausted with an injury preferably incurred along the way. We walked about 2 days with 17km covered during the first day and 23km during the second. Total injuries incurred = 1. 3. The injured person should then proceed to use the positive energies of the universe to summon the helicopter. Our injured person being Natasha, did just that. The story like a few others ... read more
Any Food Here
At the top of the mountain crossing
A hole in the ice

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 17th 2012

"The tour to Avachinsky volcano will not wait! I'm ordering you another taxi be downstairs in 10 minutes" Is how I begin my morning on July 17 having slept in and missed the time to get up and make the taxi to the volcano tour. We start frantically running around pulling clothes on left right and centre. Momentarily, we receive another call from Yana saying unfortunately the tour has been canceled and they are leaving without us. Tour leaving without us? We look back at our warm beds and contemplate jumping back in and enjoying a nice sleep in day. Then I shake myself free of that stupid idea, what am I taking about I never rest when I I'm in such a beautiful place like Kamchatka. We decided to call Yana back and ask her ... read more
Breathtaking Kamchatka
While mama urinates baby watches
Peering into Volcanos

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 16th 2012

"Of all the places I've been, of all the places I've seen, by far the most beautiful in Kamchatka is the Blue Lakes. Mother natures energy is so strong and powerful here you can feel it in the air as you walk, in the water you drink and on the ground you walk along." Local Kamchidalin Peter whom we meet prior to making our ascent to the blue lakes. As has become the custom in Kamchatka, we begin the morning with another early morning rise. Vadim, our super host, offers to take us to the Blue Lakes. "I'm driving to our dacha and its really on the way so it's not a hassle at all." He reassures us when we meet him at his house. We stop off at the local springs to fill up our ... read more
Mum finds the Blue Lake
Summer Time Flowers

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 15th 2012

It's yellow looks like snotty tofu mixed in light red liquid and lies there lifeless in the divers hands. It's caviar from Sea Urchin. "It's really very good for you" the diver reassures us with confidence. Having had a stab at massive hairy black spiders in Cambodia about 5 years earlier I figure this can't be worse. I try the caviar and its surprisingly tasty. As I'm wolfing down my 4th piece I hear someone say its not too good to eat more then 2 pieces. I put the last piece in my mouth and decide to explore around the boat. Today we have decided to take a boat around the bay of Petropavlovsk and check out the three brothers. It's a beautiful day for it, the sun is shining and the visibility is great - ... read more
Three Brothers
Sun Setting over the Bay
Caviar from inside the Sea Hedgehog

Europe » Russia » Far East » Kamchatka July 13th 2012

We had an awesome day exploring Ecco with Casha and Galia whom we had met the day before . We started the day with a swim in the local hot springs, which were right near the river. I took turns getting extremely hot and bothered in the hot springs then jumping in the cold icy lake. We climbed the hill, reaching 800 meters above sea level to see Ecco from up above. Casha showed us how to eat young not yet so maturebkedar cones with his teeth. We found wild zhimalist (жималист) a tasty blue berry that grows in far east Russia and Siberia. Following the climb we descended to visit the local ethnographic museum. The museum is well worth the visit and shows how the local indigenous groups, the Evians used to live. The next ... read more
Tasty Zimilist
Byctrnicksi River
More Flowers

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