Kamchatka – land of ice and fire, or maybe rain and fog?

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August 26th 2011
Published: August 25th 2011
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Ira dropped me off at the airport before going to work – consequently I was there well in advance. In some way it was a good thing – given that not many people use online check-in I actually got a window seat 😊 I went through the security check and sat down in the waiting area listening to music and observing people. Khabarovsk airport has four gates – so there are probably like four... Read Full Entry

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Photo 79Photo 79
Photo 79

Even tribe
Photo 80Photo 80
Photo 80

Ride back to Petropavlovsk
Photo 81Photo 81
Photo 81

Ride back to Petropavlovsk
Photo 82Photo 82
Photo 82

Ride back to Petropavlovsk
Photo 84Photo 84
Photo 84

Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcano
Photo 85Photo 85
Photo 85

Koryaksky volcano
Photo 86Photo 86
Photo 86

In the countryside
Photo 87Photo 87
Photo 87

Waiting for winter
Photo 88Photo 88
Photo 88

In the countryside
Photo 89Photo 89
Photo 89

In the countryside
Photo 90Photo 90
Photo 90

Koryaksky volcano at sunrise
Photo 92Photo 92
Photo 92

Viluchinsky volcano - this time not in the fog
Photo 93Photo 93
Photo 93

Our ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 94Photo 94
Photo 94

Ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 95Photo 95
Photo 95

Ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 96Photo 96
Photo 96

Ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 97Photo 97
Photo 97

Ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 98Photo 98
Photo 98

Ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 99Photo 99
Photo 99

Ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 100Photo 100
Photo 100

Ride to Mutnovsky
Photo 101Photo 101
Photo 101

Ride to Mutnovsky

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