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July 8th 2012
Published: July 10th 2012
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During one day we had to travel from Tulcea to Bucharest by buss and get on an overnight train to Chisinau, Moldova. During our trip we have been asked what we go to Moldova for. Well, the main reason is that we don't know much about it and want to see what it's like. We know that there is the biggest wine cellar in the world and that it is the poorest country in Europe, but that's basically it. Since we are anyway passing through Moldova on our way to Crimea, would be stupid not to stop and have a look. Now, let's hope our French friends from Göreme will be reading the next few posts as they were wondering what on earth we would be doing in Moldova 😉

Bus trip back to Bucharest we smooth and seemed quick, even though it was four hours. Even though it was hot and we had one beer too much the night before, we didn't get car sick at all and even were able to read books on those curvy roads. This is thanks to "sea bands": bracelets which you wear on your wrists and which supposedly press some acupressure points there to remove travel sickness. Maybe it's only placebo effect, but I don't care, at least it seems to work.

In Bucharest we were once again faced with quite extreme heath and just walked to the Gara de Nord railway station and hung around there for three hours untill our train to Chisinau would leave. We sat at fastfood restaurants using WIFI, got our tickets, and even though we had three hours, at the end we had to buy our train snacks in a hurry. The train left at 19.40. The door to our cabin was somehow stuck or broken and the conductor basically had to break in. It was hot like a sauna, but otherwise seemed like a genuine soviet style train, which was kind of funny. We met our roommate, who was a Swiss-Italian short film maker. The cabin was so hot that from time to time we had to go the hallway and stick our heads out of the window. That was not only cooling but a good way to look at the passing countryside.

At around 10pm we made our beds and tried to get some sleep. Amazingly, Leo was sleeping basically through the night, and even I got some sleep.


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