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June 21st 2013
Published: June 21st 2013
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Dracula kept a poster of baby Jesus in the entry way of his castle to throw the scent off of his trail. People in the village believed that a vampire would be unable to look at a picture of Jesus without burning his eyes. After Dracula was finally suspected to be a Vampire, he fled from the Castle and is believed to be a master of disguise traveling the world with his unlimited family resources. At the time of his disappearance the authorities questioned his staff. Dracula swore his staff to secrecy saying he would return to seek their early painful death if they shared any of his secrets. They kept quiet because they had seen him torture people first hand. But on his dying bed, the head of house, Mr. Fromentera, did answer many questions. Apparently, Dracula was a clean freak, and had only white walls, so he could tell whether or not his servants had cleaned up any blood spilled from his victims. He liked only wooden furniture because the blood did not dry sticky like it would have on cloth at the time. They didn't have plastic fabrics then. The other myth about vampires that allowed him to kill freely for decades, was that vampires can't be in sun light. The truth is, they can kill all day long. This myth came about because vampires play a game called "sunken eyes" only at night. In "sunken eyes" they enter the victims bedroom at night while they are sleeping, and attempt to suck all the blood from their body before they wake. It was an honor among vampires to suck all the blood from the victim, without waking them. You lose the game if the victim opens their eyes before their last breath. When a vampire fails at this game, they are forced to look into sunken eyes as they suck the last bit of blood from their victim. A distasteful experience.

In the pictures, the lady in white was not Dracula's mother. Dracula's mother was killed by a vampire during Dracula's birth. This is one of the ways a Vampire is made, by sucking the blood of the mother, thereby contaminating the baby's blood, as the baby is born. Thus, Dracula was born a vampire. The lady in white was Dracula's nanny and wet nurse. Her name was Ursala. Nobody every knew Dracula was a vampire until he sucked Ursala's blood from her breast while wet nursing. It is said that she knew she was dying, but Dracula was so strong, she could not remove him from her breast. Dracula's father came home to find Ursala dead with vampire marks on her breasts. His father burned her body in the dungeon furnace so the authorities would not know Dracula was a Vampire. Despite his young age, Dracula remembered his first kill vividly. He never forgave himself for killing the only woman he ever loved, Ursala.

Fromentera estimated that Dracula killed about 200 people per year, during the 38 years before he was discovered, and only made one new vampire per year on average. Fromentera asked Dracula to make him into a vampire before Dracula fled the country, but Dracula refused. Dracula said, "You don't have the style and grace it takes to be a legend old friend." On his death bed, Fromentera asked for god's forgiveness for burning all of Dracula's victims in the dungeon. Father O'Hallahan, was rumored to have said, "I guess its my job, but for fucks sake, if you ain't going to hell, who is?"

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22nd June 2013

Fascinating !
Fascinating style and content !! thanks Dan !

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