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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Râșnov July 14th 2015

Alpine roads, country roads and long and winding roads To travel in Romania using only public transport would be quite a challenge. Many towns and villages are not serviced by any busses or trains at all. We therefore decided to rent a car to simplify things for us. We know now that if we hadn't had our own transport we would not have been able to visit even a third of the places we went to. Since it is difficult to travel if you don't have a car it is common among the locals to hitchhike. Twice we actually picked up hitchhikers ourselves. One of them offered to pay for the ride. We knew that it is common practice that the hitchhiker pay the equivalent of a bus ticket to the driver so we weren't surprised. ... read more
Bucegi Mountains
Bucegi Mountains
The Sphinx

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Râșnov August 13th 2014

While having the main headquarters in the camping at Rasnov for the Rockstadt Extreme Fest we also went exploring the fortified evangelical churches in Transylvania. On Thursday we saw Cincsor - Cincu - Dealu Frumos - Agnita - Alma Vii - Richis - Copsa Mare - Biertan - Apold - Barcut - Soars. We entered only Cincu, Richis, Biertan and Apold because the others were closed. On Friday we visited the Rasnov citadel, walked around the town and spent more time at the concert. On Saturday we saw Feldioara - Rotbav - Rupea Fortress - Viscri - Bunesti - Cloasterf - Saschiz - Sighisoara - Darjiu - Daia - Drauseni. In Feldioara and Saschiz we only stopped at the churches and did not visit the citadels because Feldioara is undergoing restoration and Saschiz is in ruins. ... read more
Agnita front view
Agnita side view
Alma Vii

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Râșnov June 21st 2013

Dracula kept a poster of baby Jesus in the entry way of his castle to throw the scent off of his trail. People in the village believed that a vampire would be unable to look at a picture of Jesus without burning his eyes. After Dracula was finally suspected to be a Vampire, he fled from the Castle and is believed to be a master of disguise traveling the world with his unlimited family resources. At the time of his disappearance the authorities questioned his staff. Dracula swore his staff to secrecy saying he would return to seek their early painful death if they shared any of his secrets. They kept quiet because they had seen him torture people first hand. But on his dying bed, the head of house, Mr. Fromentera, did answer many questions. ... read more

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