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September 21st 2008
Published: September 22nd 2008
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Today was exactly one week from the day we left the Enbankment. James (one of the tour leaders) pointed this out at the exact (GB) time and so I felt a bit homesick at first. This abated pretty soon, as there was plenty to distract me, although I'm still missing everyone and lookijng forward to seeing them, even though I don't want the trip to be over too soon.

Obviously, with the four hours spent getting replacemnt passports for Paul and Nichola and the killer traffic jam yesterday and the killer traffic jam, we didn't get to look around Budapest when we arrived on day seven. Instead we had a very brief driving tour and stopped to get postcards at the citadel. Which was fine, because the delay wasn't Ozbus's fault and could have been so much worse.

After that we made our way to Cluj Napova in Romania. We had our first passport check at the border and forswore the usual long-drive DVD to look out the windows, now the scenery is getting different; although to me, bits of it look like home.

My history teacher at my old school once told us that driving across Europe from West to East is like traveling back in time. Which is half true, bec auser there is modernity, but only for those who can afford it.
In some villages everyone was wearing jeans and the buildings looked pretty modern; in others the women wore long skirts, the houses were very old fahioned and there were roadside crucifixes everywhere. We also saw Romany gypsies in horse drawn carts. Rather than just going back it's like there's modern stuff, Soviet features and things from decades or even hundreds of years ago all thrown together.

In Cluj we went to an Italian/Romanian restarant called Napova15. The food was very good, but because there were about forty of us (on a Sunday too) it took about three hours for all of it to arrive. Still, the company was very good, so we hardly noticed.


22nd September 2008

Hello from home
Sounds like you're having a real adventure. Enjoying reading your blog. Closing the thermarest stopper does help! By the way it hasn't rained here for 3 days now!! Take care, big hug, X.
24th September 2008

We're on our second sunny day in a row today. Otherwise it's been rainy since Bruges. Ironically the good weather started at Dracula's castle yesterday.

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