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December 17th 2004
Published: June 1st 2017
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Cool Towel Folding!Cool Towel Folding!Cool Towel Folding!

M/S Carousel, Atlantic Ocean
Hello my fellow travelers!

This is the third of six posts about a trip to the Canary Islands, Morocco and Madeira in 2004 together with my parents and my Uncle Anders. The last post covered my time in Morocco and this post covers the time I spent down with the winter flu.

This was probably the worst day of the trip for me. I was completely knocked out by the flu and totally bedridden (or in reality bathroom ridden) for the whole day. May day pretty much all consisted of vomiting and forcing down some creamy soups and Pepsi, which was the only combination of food and drink I could manage to get down. Fortunately they delivered everything to my room promptly. I was also given a antibiotics cure by the boat physician.

This was something that actually plagued the whole boat (both my mother and uncle contracted it towards the end of the trip when I was starting to feel better) so he really had his hands full and even forgot to charge us for it. My parents had actually been quite concerned about the medical costs so they were relieved when I went to the nurses
Cool Towel Folding!Cool Towel Folding!Cool Towel Folding!

M/S Carousel, Atlantic Ocean
office a couple days later to pick up the bill only to learn that since the doctor hadn't written a receipt for it they wouldn't charge us for it. My guess is that they didn't want the bad publicity from hundreds of passengers vomiting all over the place.

Luckily and unluckily at the same time this whole day was spent at sea so I didn't miss any landfall today but neither did I get the added stability to help my condition that a landfall would have given.

The sickness really started yesterday but I didn't realize it at first and just confused it with possible sea sickness, which was strange since I've never suffered from that before. So I spent all day yesterday as well on Pepsi rather than alcohol, but at least I could still eat solid food rather than today's fluid cuisine.

The next day we would make our next landfall at Madeira, you'll find me conspicuously missing from all of those photos!

My next post will cover my brief visit to Madeira and until then I wish you all peace and happy travels!


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