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May 10th 2012
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We've had a a wonderful 4 days here in Lisbon, with the weather getting progressively better. Today was sunny and 28 degrees.

By now, we have figured out the public transit system, but today, I could not stop laughing at all the crazy experiences we had with using it. There is a transit card that you buy at small, specially marked shops. You load it with money and then activate it each time you enter and leave a transit vehicle--metro, bus, tram, or train. It is great when it works, but...yesterday, mine worked fine when we took the train along the Water to Caisca. But R's did not. He knew money was loaded on it, so tried several times, put more money on it, no...finally, in desperation, I went through the gate and he followed me quickly on the same card. That meant that only one of us had a validated card, so at the other end we had to do the same thing!

Coming home, he went to the ticket office and bought a single fare ticket. Good thing because on our return trip, the inspector got on and checked all tickets! Phew! Wee loaded his ticket so he would have enough. Then today, I said Let me go through 1st in case I don't have enough. I got through, but he didn´t! There I was on the other side of the gate and he couldn´t get through.

So, my advice is that you buy 2 cards each and keep them loaded. If you do it from a small shop and not from the machine in the transit stations, you can find out how much is remaining on your ticket and load as much or as little as you wish. The good thing is that fares are 1E15 with card, but 2E85 as a paid single fare!

When we finally got to our destination--the Gulbenkian Museum, we spent several hours enjoying this fabulous private collection. There were displays of treasures from ancient to modern times--from many countires--pottery, glass, oil paintings, sculptures, furniture, etc. There were Rembrandts, Rubens, Monet, Laliques that I had never seen before.

Thee B&B is fabulous--Myhomeinlisbon. Maria, the host is most welcoming and helpful. The view out our window is stunning--over a valley to the water, castle straight ahead.

Delicious breakfast in the garden when its not raining. I mentioned offering homemade granola and bread and was asked to teach her. So, today we are making 24-hour bread, and I will leave her my recipes.

Tomorrow, we fly to Madrid.


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