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April 3rd 2018
Published: April 3rd 2018
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The crew arrived at our airbnb after a long but uneventful travel day. Our home for the next 30 days is lovely. Most importantly, its in a great neighborhood. Lots of shops, markets and restaurants and not in a touristy area. Much to Cathy's delight, there are pastry shops everywhere!

Here's the link for the Airbnb, if you're interested:

Some initial observations: 1) English is widely spoken; 2) Products and services are very inexpensive; 3) Uber is a great way to get around; 4) Using a European SIM card in your iPhone is a great option for taking advantage of the Internet while traveling.

Recognizing that we need to pace ourselves, we explored our neighborhood a bit then headed down to a big flea market in town, Fiera da Ladre. Actually, Cathy and our entourage explored the market, Mike found a cafe, drank coffee, and chatted it up with the locals. We, then, had a lovely lunch at Gato Pardo, an outdoor cafe that we wandered into while searching for a different restaurant.

Lisbon has a San Francisco like feel to it; lots of hills, eclectic neighborhoods with many bodega-like markets, and beautiful murals everywhere.

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3rd April 2018

Looks perfect!
4th April 2018

Love the pix. They really catch the vibe
4th April 2018

Sounds like a great 1st day. Confused by “crew” and “entourage”. The Azores are expensive to get to from the US, pretty cheap from Lisbon. This place is beautiful and cheaper than the mainland, may want to check it out.
6th April 2018

We have a 3 bedroom, sharing with our friends Glen and Karen, with some other guests coming and going during the month. No Azores for us on this trip. Trying to keep a relaxed agenda

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