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April 12th 2018
Published: April 13th 2018
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Thursday morning, we awoke to a deluge! Not just a little rain, but wind and pouring enormous amounts of cold water, putting a damper on our plans to visit Cape Sagres and the site of the end of the world. As an aside, every Portuguese citizen that we have spoken to has remarked at how much they needed the rain and how dry everything has been. California friends, does this sound familiar? To this, we say, you're welcome!

After another great breakfast, we said goodbye to the lovely Danielle, then promptly stole our room key. Waiting for an easement in the rain, we hustled to our car by way of the steep outside marble steps. Let's just say that our B&B in not exactly OSHA approved. No problem. Off we went to Cape Sagres with hope in our hearts that the rain will be gone by the time we get there...10 minutes later. HA!

Sagres Harbor hosts a daily fish auction in the morning where the fishermen and local merchants sell their wares. Sadly, with this crazy storm, there was no fishing so no auction. The giant room with its conveyor belts was empty. No fish, no fisherman, no action. OK, onward to the Cape Sagres Fort and Navigator School. The parking lot for this open air fort was about 1/4 mile from the fort so we drove to the gate to decide if it was worth getting a little wet. HA! The rain and wind were so forceful that it shook the car and I couldn't get my door open. Yikes!

A little sad, we moved onward to Cape St Vincent. When the Moors were harassing medieval Christians, St Vincent was buried and enshrined to annoy the latest captors. Sacred ravens watched over the site and St V's bones until he was moved to Lisbon. Beautiful red lighthouse with sheer cliffs to the angry sea. Did we mention the wind and rain?

Throwing up our hands, we decided to head for Lisbon, taking the scenic route through the hillsides. Slowly the heavy rain became light rain and eventually became scattered showers that followed us to our Lisbon home. An unexpected highlight was in a sweet town called Odemira. In a restaurant in a formal garden, Fonte Ferrea, our lunch was amazing! Tiny with a beautiful view, our host, Victor, was friendly and so helpful. A small shot of a local Acorn liqueur after lunch, and off we went.

Return the car. Uber home. Chat w Karen and Glen while eating cured meats and cheese. Wine. Nice to be "home".

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13th April 2018

Great Blog!
Enjoying your narrative very much! Thanks for sharing. Great pics too! Miss you guys!

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