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June 16th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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Located in the middle of the southern coast of Portugal, in the area known as the Algarve, is the little beach town of Albuferia. While this town often gets a bad rap in the various travel guides, we find the old town to be delightful. With the official greeter, shown in the first photo, who couldn't be ready to relax and adopt his laid back attitude. Albuferia is especially nice if you plan a tr... Read Full Entry

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Silves - The old fortress and town walls.Silves - The old fortress and town walls.
Silves - The old fortress and town walls.

This was one of the interior towns that we visited in the Algarve. It use to be the capital and has some cool old buildings.
A Silves storkA Silves stork
A Silves stork

They arrive in April and fly to Morocco in Sept. They mate for life and love to build their nests in the old chimneys and on the corners of the old buildings.
Overlooking the Algarve coast from Mt. MonciqueOverlooking the Algarve coast from Mt. Moncique
Overlooking the Algarve coast from Mt. Moncique

This is the highest point in the Algarve region at 2700 feet.
Cape St. VincentCape St. Vincent
Cape St. Vincent

THE END OF THE WORLD and the site of Prince Henry's Navigational School
The sheer cliffs of SagresThe sheer cliffs of Sagres
The sheer cliffs of Sagres

This is Europe's most southwestern point
Sheets of cork at the Firewater distillerySheets of cork at the Firewater distillery
Sheets of cork at the Firewater distillery

The cork is stripped from the trees every 9 years. It is then boiled for 2 hours to make it pliable. France and the US are the biggest importers of the cork. France for the wine bottles and the US for the Space Shuttle.

16th June 2007

Glad to see you guys were able to hook up..GRIN.. Ron doesnt look too paint spattered...thats good.. GRIN. LOVE this place! Saved several of the pics. Nicky wants to get his passport and apply for the job with the harmonica player! Loved the shot of the displayed pottery! I saved it with the thoughts of turning it into a fabric photo someday :) Glad you are having a good time, will be anxious for next installment. You guys really need to do a book...combine all these blogs into one..
17th June 2007

Uh, which way is Yorktown??? Love You Guys sue
18th June 2007

Hi RPM, As always I enjoyed all the pictures and information. The puppy in the first picture looked like he was getting ready to meditate. The views from the cliff side trails are great. I can tell your enjoying your travels. Stay safe and I hope to talk to you soon. Love, Nancy
20th June 2007

It's truly amazing...the places you go and the things you see. I seem content just going to N.C. with the dogs and Bill. Glad to see that you're still enjoying your travels and each other. Let me know when you come back to our neck of the woods.

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