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Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira March 27th 2019

We took a shuttle to Albufeira today to our next apartment. The company was a bit of a pain as they wouldn’t let us check in early, charged 3% fee for absolutely NOTHING even on the deposit. The apartment was large, 3 bedrooms and a balcony overlooking the old town. However, the new thing for these Airbnb companies is to buy up real estate and start renting them out as self-catered flats. Essentially charging an arm and leg for apartments with nothing in them but furniture. No salt and pepper, no toilet paper (except for rolls in place), no hand soap, no dish soap, no dishwasher soap. It is frustrating as you have to buy a months worth of stuff for a few days rental. It is frustrating to renters ( or at least us, who ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira September 21st 2017

The massive seagulls are again causing mayhem at breakfast. One of them has hoed into someone's leftovers on a table near mine and there is now broken crockery and glassware all over the paving. Issy decides to have a domestic morning, so I set off in the car on my own. I head towards Praia de Falesia, which is a beach about five kilometres east of Santa Eulalia. I park the car and take pictures of the beach from the top of the high cliffs at the back of it. There are again signs everywhere warning that the cliffs are unstable and that you should stay away from the edge. They look stable enough to me, so I walk right up to the edge to make sure that I get the best possible vantage point. I ... read more
Praia de Falesia
Praia de Falesia
Praia de Falesia

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira September 20th 2017

The seagulls here are massive. One of them has taken a liking to some leftover breakfast, and it is threatening to cause some serious damage to the plates and cups on a table near us. Another seagull has set up shop on top of the umbrella that we are sitting under. We can see its silhouette, and it now looks even bigger. I hope they're friendly. I think I'd give up quickly if one of them wanted to fight me for a piece of toast. We walk into Albufeira. We pass a bar with signs outside it with a list of English Premier League soccer matches that you can watch in the bar over the next few days. There are lots of them. An English man sees me looking at the sign and asks me which ... read more
Musicians playing pipes in the square, Albufeira
Praia do Peneco, Albufeira
Praia do Peneco, Albufeira

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira September 19th 2017

We sleep in and miss breakfast. We turn the TV on. It's a long time since we've turned a TV on. We watch a few minutes of an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" on a Dutch channel. All the dialogue has been overdubbed in Dutch, but the canned laughter seems to be the original. We've got very little idea what the episode is about, but it is amusing just the same watching familiar faces speaking Dutch. We wander through the hotel and try to get down onto the beach, but security is intense and all the doors and gates are locked. It feels like we are in jail, only with lots of swimming pools, bars and restaurants. Actually I suspect this is not really how it feels like to be in jail at all. ... read more
Santa Eulalia Beach
Santa Eulalia Beach
Issy being devoured by a carnivorous cycad

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira September 18th 2017

I sleep restlessly. I spend a lot of the dark hours thinking about how I am going to explain to the man at the rental car office how a concrete wall managed to run into the back of our car. Issy says that there is only damage to the paint work, but I'm sure the rental car company will take a different view. The term "write off" is the one that comes to mind most often. We set off towards Barcelona. The snow that had magically appeared yesterday morning and then just as magically disappeared within a couple of hours has now reappeared. At least we think it's reappeared. We're now finding it a bit hard to distinguish snow from clouds. It wasn't at all hard yesterday when the sun was shining and there was blue ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira June 22nd 2017

This blog will be limited in narrative but focus on photographs. After the cauldron that was Sevilla at 45°c, arriving in Portugal's magnetic Algarve via a three hour coach ride and a hair-raising taxi ride to the Vila Gale Atlantico resort, ten minutes from Albufeira, we settled in to our top floor suite. A gentle breeze swept across our south-facing veranda as we looked down on orange coloured clay roofs covering the typically whitewashed homes below, most of them clearly high-end. We were mere minutes walk to the beach and an excellent supermarket. Our plans were to relax totally while leisurely taking in the joys of the Algarve and it's decidedly slower pace before heading north as far as the exciting and incredibly attractive city of Porto and later the capital, Lisboa (Lisbon) and much more ... read more
Beautiful view -our suite veranda in Gale
Nighttime from our veranda.
Restaurant on our beach.

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira March 26th 2017

Well had forgotten what a flight that is to get to Europe. Around 30 hours door to door, left home 7.30p.m. for a 10.30pm flight and arrived at our hotel down in Albufeira 30 hours later. Flight delayed one hour from Melbourne, 15 hours to Dubai, including being in a 1 hour holding pattern over Dubai before landing due to congestion, then another hour late leaving Dubai because of other planes being late and their passengers joining us on the flight down to Lisbon, so all in all two hours late to Lisbon and then getting our hire car and a two and a half hour drive down to Albufeira, thank god it was Sunday in Lisbon, two brain dead people in heavy traffic would have been a nightmare....light traffic what a sigh of relief! Raining ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira August 19th 2016

How can one give justice in describing the cliffed beaches of Albufeira? Simply breath taking! Early in the day, we couldn't make up our mind on which beach to settle on as we read about several beaches that sounded very interesting. So we decided to take the car and go beach hopping with our towels, sun screen and flip flops!! What a feeling!! We started with Praia de Falesia, which was the closest to our apartment, then went to Praia Vasco de Gamma and walked the sandy coastline until Praia de Pescadores with few dips in the fresh water. Around the Praia de Pescadores, you can find many fun shops and restaurants. Our last beach stop was Praia Coelha, which was my favorite :) We finally ended our day by dining in Praia de Pescadores in ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira April 20th 2016

There was the odd shower around as we started the day but we had decided to wait until after lunch before we ventured out to visit the winery Sir Cliff Richard owns in partnership. The man who had been fixing the tiles on the shower poolside didn’t turn up for work today as it was going to be showery and he was at a stage where he needed a sustained period of dry weather to finish off his task. We cleaned off the rest of the Heinz baked beans in toasted sandwiches for lunch and then readied ourselves for the short drive inland from Albufeira to Guia where the winery is located along with Sir Cliff’s home. We didn’t expect him to be there because we had read that he usually only arrives in Portugal for ... read more
Palm lined driveway to the cellar door
Anyone for tennis Sir Cliff
View over the vineyard

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira April 19th 2016

The rain had returned overnight but at least as dawn came up it started to clear away which should give us an opportunity to do a little exploring of Albufeira. It had been a few days since we had done our washing so there was that to catch up on and with the help of a small washing line around the corner of our poolside apartment we could at least get the clothes on the line and give them a good start to dry in the sunshine. The downtown area of Albufeira is fairly small or at least the part we discovered on our late morning stroll was. We retraced our steps from last night’s excursion out to dinner and ventured past Ricardo’s Restaurant but kept our walk back from the beach as we had the ... read more
Albufeira beach
Apartment overlooking the beach Albufeira
Thats our cafe down there,the beers are waiting,Albufeira

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