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August 6th 2019
Published: August 7th 2019
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06.08.2019. We left Warsaw this morning on the train - first class - so we thought! The carriage consisted of compartments, six seats in it, facing each other. This was the same from Vienna to Warsaw. A couple were already there near the window, we put our cases up, a French chap came in, nowhere to put his large bag but between his feet and mine. The compartment was hot, he opened the window - well, the man exploded, no, no fresh air and closed it! The three of us complained, the woman jumped up, pointed to her seat and said to me, you sit here! I refused, why should I?

A group of young people were in the corridor with nowhere to sit so stood for most of the 3.5 hour journey. John and two lads managed to wrestle a window open in the corridor to let some air in. We tried opening the compartment window a few more times but Adolf, as I was now calling him, closed it again! When he went to the loo he could not resist stepping on my feet on his way out and back. We were all boiling hot by this time and my right foot felt numb as I couldn’t move it at all.

We finally arrived in Krakow and the French chap helped get our bags down and introduced us to his wife and daughter who were in another compartment. This compartment travelling is terrible and for first class - what did we pay for? We would’ve been better off in second class which had ordinary train seats facing forwards. These two ghastly people had complete control of that hot, cramped and smelly compartment.

Our hotel is lovely though and we met a couple from Melbourne in the courtyard and had a few drinks and chats with them about our travel plans.

Tomorrow we are off in search of Schindler!


8th August 2019

Ouf !
C'est francais pour 'Phew!' I prefer the glass of wine in Vienna. See if you can find Schindler's list, it is missing. GCB x

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