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October 14th 2008
Published: October 14th 2008
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Warsaw SymbolWarsaw SymbolWarsaw Symbol

Not sure why a mermaid is symbolic of a city in the centre of a country. Must be lost in translation....
There are lots of photos in this blog. When I tried to review them, I could only see half of them enlarged. Hope you have better luck.
Here are some traveler tips for Warsaw. Don't arrive on Sunday because the tourist bureau closes early, and the train station is a confusing ant hill of round corriders underground. Go upstairs when you arrive. Don't buy the tourist travel card on Monday if you plan on visiting museums because most are closed. Don't go to the Palace on Tuesday because that is the day it is closed. Don't ask anyone over 25 for directions or assistance, but feel free to approach any teenager (they speak English). Don't try to visit Chopin's museum because it is closed until 2010. If you are here then, there should be a grand opening. When you try to visit the Warsaw Rising museum, the entrance is at the back, all the way around the streets to the opposite of the main street.
This is day two in Warsaw for me. I took a break and went outside of the city, to visit the Science Botanical Gardens. On the way back I attempted to visit the Palace. Tomorrow I'll
Old CityOld CityOld City

At the entrance of old city. If you try to use the public toilet it costs one dollar. Go to cafe instead, enjoy the coffee, too.
head for Krakow.

Additional photos below
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Old City housingOld City housing
Old City housing

All of this was destroyed during the war, and rebuilt later.
Post OfficePost Office
Post Office

If you are looking for the postoffice in the square, it is the building with a horn/trumpet on it.

Down this street there is a view of the river.

Amber is for sale here.

There were no less than three bridal couples getting photographed on Monday. Strange day for weddings.

Not sure....but this wall looks important
Purple SoupPurple Soup
Purple Soup

Traditional food in cafe in old city. Borsh soup with meat role.

The soup colour clashed with my sweater.
Warsaw RisingWarsaw Rising
Warsaw Rising

Impressive museum. Google to learn about the event.

Warsaw people lost because the Western world did not act quickly or decisively to help the rebels.

About fifteen thousand people were taken prisoners and then Warsaw was destroyed by the Germans. All those building you just saw in old city had to be rebuilt.

See the lamps and flowers, getting ready for All Saints day.
Modern CityModern City
Modern City

Parts of Warsaw seem quite modern.
Traditional Traditional

Mixed with traditional buildings.

Leaves are falling off the trees. It is still a 'gold autumn', very warm.

Today I took a break and toured the Science Botanical Gardens, way outside of the city.
Garden WalkGarden Walk
Garden Walk

Each part of Poland is represented by an area of trees or vegetation.

Shrubs and statues complimented each other.

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